‘Give Women Dignity’ During Hurricane Relief Efforts

Feminine hygiene products drive today at Elizabeth Estates Library


Felicia Campbell-Carey, founder of the Teen Life Skills Services organisation.


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Though the extent of devastation and the number of people displaced has yet to be determined, private citizens are already organising fundraising initiatives to bring immediate relief to those impacted by the catastrophic Hurricane Dorian.

The storm pummelled the islands of Abaco and Freeport over the weekend and well into Monday, leaving many people without a roof over their heads and other essentials.

“There is a dire need for food, water and other essentials...and a call for these items to be donated, but feminine hygiene products are not be forgotten,” said Felicia Campbell-Carey, who is asking people to donate items of this kind at the Elizabeth Estates Library today beginning at 9am.

“A woman’s menstrual cycle is biological, and it cannot be helped, even during a catastrophe; it just happens. We are asking that people remember to donate feminine items as well so that as these women and teen girls in shelters will have those necessities,” she told Tribune Woman.

Mrs Campbell-Carey said those willing can donate items such as sanitary pads, soaps, feminine washes, deodorants, powders, washcloths and clothing.

“A lot of times these items are overlooked, but they are essential. We want to be able to give these items to women so that they can feel some sort of dignity even while they may be displaced for a period of time,” she said.

She said brown paper bags can also be donated.

“These can be used for women to dispose of their napkins as well. Like I said, we want to give them some sense of dignity in that environment.”

Mrs Campbell-Carey is the founder of Teen Life Skills Services (TLS), an organisation designed to bring awareness to the needs and issues teenage parents face in the community through social media.

The organisation also hosts baby drives throughout the year to provide teen parents with all the necessary baby supplies.

Today’s hurricane relief drive at the library is being spearheaded by John Allen Curry II who wanted to team up with TLS for this initiative.


Sanitary pads, soaps and other items can make life a littler easier for women following a disaster like Hurricane Dorian.

In addition to feminine hygiene products, Mrs Campbell-Carey is also encouraging people to donate essential baby items like milk, diapers, wipes, blankets, and new or lightly used clothing.

“As you know, there was a lady who had sent out a video saying she needed help because she had her four-month-old baby. That situation was a truly heartbreaking and scary ordeal. And she is not the only one who is facing this tragedy with a baby. This is why we are hosting the drive, because we know people will need all they can get in this time,” she said.

“And a little goes a long way and anything that anyone can do would be of great help and assistance,” she added.

“I want to just say I know it might be hard for persons right now given that many of them have had to get kids ready for back to school, so it may seem overwhelming to help. But we want all private citizens to do what they can. God knows the heart, and it is time for us to pull together. We need each other more now than even. Once we unite, we will bounce back from this.”

Those interested in donating items can contact 456-4071 or visit the ‘Teen Life Skills Services’ page on Facebook.


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