'Donate More Items That Can Be Used Right Away'


THE New Providence Community Centre is appealing to the public to donate more items that can be used "right away" by those affected by Hurricane Dorian.

NPCC is a donation collection point for hurricane relief.

Shanelle Johnson, who is working on the relief effort at NPCC, told The Tribune yesterday that volunteers are in need of items that hurricane victims can use immediately.

"We need toothbrushes, toothpastes, sanitary pads, baby diapers, baby formulas that's already made, juice, any kind of canned goods that they can eat with pop-up tops. If they're going to donate canned goods without pop-up tops, we need openers because we're sending people openers as well. Also, sleeping clothing kind of stuff and emergency kits like painkillers, Pepto Bismol, alcohol, Dettol and that kind of stuff."

Ms Johnson added: "We do have a lot of water donations. The water is heavy. Also, they got four water machines so another thing we need is if people can donate five gallons of sterilised bottles."

For those who want to make financial donations, Ms Johnson said they can do so by writing a cheque to the New Providence Community Centre.

Volunteers are working into the night to accept donations.

"We're here until 9pm. So, our volunteers are from 8.30am to 8pm and then our collection of donations runs until 6pm," she said.

Ms Johnson also noted that the NPCC leadership team will continue to visit the Abacos and Grand Bahama in the coming days, assessing the islands to see what will be needed most.

"Today is our victory day because we feel as though this is the day, we will be able to send out stuff, land it and support our brothers and sisters," she said. "And as of today, it's a continuation and this is an ongoing project."

NPCC has partnered with numerous local non-profit organisations in an effort to provide aid and relief to those affected by Hurricane Dorian. Persons who want to volunteer can either call or sign up at church.


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