Chamber Chair: Abaco Will ‘Bounce Back’


Ken Hutton


Tribune Business Reporter 


ABACO’S economy will “bounce back” from the ravages of Hurricane Dorian the island’s Chamber of Commerce president said yesterday, telling Tribune Business: “Everything is completely flattened”.​

Ken Hutton, told Tribune Business that he like many Abaco residents had to evacuate to New Providence having lost his home and businesses in the Category 5 storm. “There is nothing else. Everything is completely flattened,” said Hutton.​

He continued: “In the business community I don’t think anyone fared well. This was Hurricane Katrina on steroids. It was unprecedented. Everything is gone. There are no businesses, there are no banks, everything is just gone. The only thing left standing right now with any semblance is Maxwell’s the big food store; that fared very well in the storm and has been turned into a command post.”​

Still, Hutton said he remains optimistic over the island’s future. “I’m the eternal optimist. I absolutely believe Abaco will come back. It’s not just Abaco but the whole international community is behind Abaco. It’s going to take time. There are some priorities, things that have to be done first but once we get the primary things done and complete then I think you are going to see Abaco come out of the gate very strongly,” said Hutton. ​​


Sickened 8 months, 3 weeks ago

It will certainly bounce back but it will take years. Sadly it will probably be foreigners who lead the charge after they buy up a few more properties each. Unfortunately Bahamians don't have the borrowing capabilities to buy up some of the now available land because OUR BANKING SYSTEM SUCKS!!!!!


TalRussell 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Comrade Ken, first deal neglect populaces on ground, yes, no ...

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TheMadHatter 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Where are the 5000 National Guard troops that the Pentagon offered to help? Answer. Our govt did not invite them in. Pentagon said they had to be officially invited. So my response to Ken's statement is simply "LOL".


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