What Will We Learn From Hurricane Dorian?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The whole country I expect sends their support to everyone who was impacted by Dorian…as a people saddened on hearing the deaths.

Will we do anything different? Honestly I really doubt it same old same old political patronage function speech after speech and nothing new… government every year hurricanes come understand?

Contingency? No more borrowing $200m in the Budget set aside for hurricanes if not used one year roll-over to the next…no pinching Mr Finance Man. We have to consider some ‘eco-tax’ also set aside for also such incidents for remedial issues. Hurricanes cost big money and they ain’t going away.

This September at the UN-NY there is a conference on Climate Change - hope whoever speaks for us makes a lot of noise as it is time polluting countries – stop polluting or pay up. If we upset the US who cares one of these mega storms will hit them sooner of later then they might wake up. We should be working with all countries which are naturally impacted - The Commonwealth to put the most serious argument.

Remediation? Getting things back to normal…how the $100m borrowed from IDB will be spent? PM no old political hack please - total 100% accountability - all works put to tenders - a major decision has to be made on building code…we seem to think we never get hurricanes build on land which is at sea level and anticipated the sea will never flood you.

Grand Bahama - if the partners of GBPA do nothing to financially support the property covenants there should be a class action lawsuit if the end means the property owners seize GBPA then let it be…last time GBPA invested almost nothing in restoration.

Pinewood has to be resolved…Coconut Grove flooding also… ponding along our newer roads, why?

A lot of post hurricane talk about purpose built shelters - can’t afford them they have to have mixed uses…have to be in areas that do not flood or have to be raised buildings higher than the flood plane have to have all the modern facilities including generator - a/c - cafeteria. Schools are the natural location for these just to use the buildings once a year is a luxury. The talk about investors paying for them is loose talk.

Bahamas Meterological Office Department, we need a state-of-the-art facility - all the modern technology - the forecaster should be able at any time broadcast live from the facility.

Adequate sleeping facilities - bathrooms/showers a closed in and covered space for the employees’ vehicles. This is not a thought it has to be real plan now - get it ready by 2020 season…no excuses… NOAA would provide the expertise, ask the US to finance - the US would benefit from it as they do now. The doppler radar stations have to be tested pre-season no excuses them going down when needed like this time… no excuses.

Town Planning Regulations must be looked at very seriously radical revision and new provisions. Town Planning must have enforceable authority.

Alas the same will happen like Matthew like that one and this one a lot of political talk and zero action…like so much…young people tired.



September 3, 2019.


ColumbusPillow 5 months, 1 week ago

No new home in this country shall be built less than 20' above sea level.


rodentos 5 months, 1 week ago

Nothing will be learned, not by GBPC. Same wooden poles will be installed in place of broken ones and they will be again gone after next major hurricane or eaten by termites. Get some real infrastructure or this place will be gone forever.

Put reinforced concrete poles or underground trenches with high voltage cables and solve this problem with power once forever. They sit on plenty of money but nothing gets back to customers.


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