13 Stolen Shotguns Recovered


Tribune Chief Reporter


POLICE have recovered 13 shotguns stolen from Abaco Hardware sometime before the passage of Hurricane Dorian.

National Security Minister Marvin Dames told The Tribune yesterday officers are still searching for seven more guns on the island.

"Officers recovered about 13 shotguns somewhere in the area of The Mudd that were taken out of the hardware store," Mr Dames said.

"What we're learning is there may have been 20 of them, and they may have information as to where others are but they don't have anyone in custody."

Reports that stolen weapons were being used for looting emerged in the days following Dorian's deadly jaunt through the Abacos.

Yesterday, Mr Dames said police have spoken with the store's owner, who is no longer on the island, and discovered the guns were not secured in a vault.

He continued: "We suspect the remaining guns are somewhere on the island, so they are trying to track that down. The good thing is they have the majority of them, it's a good sign.

"This incident took place just before the storm, those weapons were not secured. The owner apparently left town and the officers had to reach him overseas to get some information. Weapons are usually stored in vaults. The fortunate thing is the officers were able to recover the majority of them and they feel the other handful may be somewhere on the island so they are following some other leads."


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