Gospel Artists Put On Benefit Concert For Hurricane Relief


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Bahamian gospel artists and international ministries have come together to put on a special benefit concert that will raise funds for hurricane relief efforts in Grand Bahama.

Christ-Like Productions, Quinty Sears Ministry International, and Right Way Management out of Dallas, Texas have all teamed up to host the free benefit concert tomorrow at Calvary Deliverance on East Street South, beginning at 6pm.

Proceeds from the concert will assist those who have been affected by Hurricane Dorian. Concert-goers are asked to make monetary donations as well as give non-perishable items.

The concert will feature numerous gospel artists, including DJ Don, Prophetess Quinty Sears, Leroy Butler, DJ Counsellor, DJ Godson, Men of Grace, Mr J, Shara J, Veola Sophia, Unlimited Angel, and Monty Sweat.

Hosting the event will be Calvary's Bishop James and Elder Queenie Newry.

Prophetess Sears, who is the chief organiser, said the initiative was designed to bring relief specifically to the island of Grand Bahama.

"The organisations came together to host the free concert because of the mass need of supply for Grand Bahama. We believe together we can get more done," she said.

Mr J, one of tomorrow night's performers, the event said is one for believers to come together and exhibit unconditional love to the people.

"It is crucial to the future of the Bahamas because we are a God-fearing nation reflecting the love of God and calling sinners to repentance...also, for the relevance of the Church in the nation," he said. "We demonstrate this through two important elements, unity and love."

While the concert is geared towards collecting goods and donations for hurricane relief efforts, Mr J said he knows there are many people in the country who are hurting and need to be uplifted. He said the concert will inspire, encourage and bring hope to the people that the Bahamas will rebuild.

"It is an empowering experience to hear how people overcame their struggles and hardship. It will bring hope and faith to humanity that we are still our brother's keepers," he said.

Mr J encourages everyone who can to attend concert and help in any way possible.

"We are encouraging persons to bring whatever they have and be a part of this event," he said.

For more information, call 804-9565 or 455-6384.


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