Mother Left Unable To Get Dialysis Dies After Storm

Stills from videos showing the extent of flooding on Grand Bahama.

Stills from videos showing the extent of flooding on Grand Bahama.


Annora Kemp

By Riel Major

Tribune Staff Reporter


A MOTHER-of-two died in Rand Memorial Hospital after she was unable to get dialysis during Hurricane Dorian, according to a relative.

The woman’s aunt, Rosie Wells-Fawkes, said Annora Kemp, 38, had type one diabetes from the age of six and had been on dialysis for over a year.

Mrs Wells-Fawkes said: “Because of the hurricane I guess she was unable to get to dialysis on time and her body became toxic. She never recovered once she had the dialysis. We never expected this, the hurricane was bad enough but then this, oh my gosh she lost her mother to cancer 11 years ago.

“Her youngest son, I don’t think he realises the full extent of it. However, (her oldest son) knows and I think he’s been keeping himself busy. Everyone is pulling together trying to help them as much as they can and, of course, myself and my extended family. Her father is doing well initially it was hard, but he’s coming along, each day it gets better.”

Ms Kemp died on September 4.

Hurricane Dorian left only devastation in its wake, snapping utility poles, overturning vehicles and tearing entire communities apart, ultimately disintegrating life for Grand Bahama residents when it churned over the island on September 1. It hit Grand Bahama as a Category Four hurricane with winds of more than 150mph and stalled over the island for about two days. Dorian also brought powerful gusts, intensified by flash flooding and storm surges.

Mrs Wells-Fawkes’ voice began to crack as she reminisced on the last words she shared with her niece.

“The last conversation we had, and it really was a WhatsApp because she was in hospital and the last conversation I had with her was (telling her) God will see us through and that I loved her. That was it, she died that night at 11pm at the Rand.

“She was such a fantastic mother she took such good care of those two boys. Excellent care, I mean the father helped but she was there 24/7 even through dialysis. She went to work, went to dialysis and went back to work. She wanted the best for those two children.”

Mrs Wells-Fawkes said they are a tight-knit family, and everyone is coping with her death.

“Everyone is coping very well, her father especially and her sister are doing extremely well considering the circumstances with the hurricane. We as a family on the whole is doing extremely well,” she said.

Rand Memorial Hospital (RMH) was hit by severe flooding during the hurricane and the hospital was left unable to offer medical care.

Last week, a field hospital was set up on the island by Samaritan’s Purse, a non-profit organisation. The field hospital will provide healthcare services in Freeport while RMH is closed to undergo sanitisation and decontamination.


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