Holy Spirit Shows It Cares

The Anglican Church Women (ACW) of Holy Spirit Anglican Church heeded the call to action to help those in need in the community of Chippingham by taking their outreach ministry "On Da Blocks" to the streets.

"On Da Blocks" was held last month in the parish hall of the church. The hall was filled with clothing and shoes donated by members of the church and the community for the outreach event.

"We wanted to give back to the community to assist those in need. We also wanted to bring the community together to show them that we are an organisation that cares and helps those around us," said Patricia Moseley, president of Holy Spirit's ACW.

People came by the dozens to take advantage of the free giveaways, which included hot dogs and drinks. One by one they left with plastic bags and even in some instances, suitcases full of items.

Mrs Moseley said that the outreach effort was indeed a success. She said she is forever grateful to those who donated to the cause and to the ACW members who came to assist in the initiative.


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