Abaco Outboard Pledges January Start On Rebuild


An Abaco-based business yesterday pledged to begin rebuilding by January 2020 as it constructs a temporary facility to house its business.

Stephen Albury, chief executive of Abaco Outboard Engines, told Tribune Business: “We are rebuilding. Hopefully Tropical Shipping can get back into the port in the next two weeks. We are currently working on a temp facility and then will start to erect our new building by the first of the year once a few more resources are set up in town.”

Detailing some of the problems facing in the rebuilding effort, Mr Albury added: “I personally think that any persons that did not have insurance will have a tougher time rebuilding. Also, the timeline for everyone to rebuild will be fast for some and slow for others.

Asked about the Economic Recovery Zone initiative unveiled by the government for areas hit by Hurricane Dorian, he replied: “I think it can be great. Let’s just hope that they have the mechanism to handle it. I have seen a lot of great things but implementing is key.”

Mr Albury detailed a “wish list” that included “personnel to sign forms. When items arrive on the dock, it’s cleared efficiently. Usually the left hand and the right don’t communicate”.

Having received an early insurance boost, Mr Albury said: “My experience thus far has been great for my store in Freeport. I have already been issued a first interim payment, and hopefully for Abaco in the coming weeks. All adjusters are being fair and diligent.”

“The adjusters in Abaco have it a lot harder as living conditions are still primitive, and they have to drive from Sandy Point into Marsh Harbour every day.”

Meanwhile, the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility said The Bahamas will receive a total $12.824m payout as a result of Hurricane Dorian. 

This is divided into $11.527m from the triggering of its tropical cyclone policy, and US$1.297m from its excess rainfall policy for the North West zone that includes Abaco and Grand Bahama.


TalRussell 9 months, 1 week ago

God has a reason for creating everyone on Abaco, and a special reason for creating Comrade Stephen Albury ..... who will be the Lighthouse's beam to guide all Abaco's business comrades as they regain the spirit that crafted the Abaco's into the Jewel she was, before Hurricane Dorian, yes, yes ....


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