Told To Pay $600 For Officer Assault



A 20-year-old man was ordered to pay $600 or face two months in prison after he assaulted a police officer last month.

Anderson Domalien appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis charged with assaulting a police officer, using obscene language, causing damage, disorderly behavior and resisting arrest.

He pleaded guilty to all of the charges and was fined $350 for count one; $25 for count two; $75 for count three and $150 for count four.

According to the prosecution, on Wednesday April 18 around 7.10pm, officers were on mobile patrol near Thompson Lane when PC Cumberbatch observed a group of men on the side of the street. Upon seeing the police vehicle, one man ran south. As a result, officers gave chase, but the man managed to evade arrest. The officers then made checks around the area and saw a man who they believed to fit the description of the man who had evaded arrest.

They approached the man and asked him to stop, but he hesitated. When ordered to stop a second time, the man refused to give officers a form of identification. Due to his suspicious manner, the police told him that they would conduct a search in reference to dangerous drugs and illegal firearms. In response, the male told the officers “I ain’t get nothing on me bro” and pushed away from PC Cumberbatch while he attempted to place him in handcuffs.

The man then resisted violently and told PC Cumberbatch and his partner “Y'all ain’t [expletive] locking me up!” attracting attention from the neighbourhood. According to the prosecution, the man continued to resist arrest which caused him to tear PC Cumberbatch’s shirt. During an interview at a nearby station, Domalien said he never threw a blow at the officer, although he admitted to “moving plenty” when he was asked to keep still.

During the hearing, Dumalien told Magistrate Rolle-Davis the incident was a result of a “little misunderstanding,” because officers thought he was the man who had originally evaded arrest when he was not.

In response, Magistrate Rolle-Davis said since it was a case of mistaken identity he would not impose a custodial sentence. Still, he told Domalien he hoped the fines would remind him of the importance of cooperating with the police.

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