New Olympic website to better serve athletes and fans

THE Bahamas Olympic Committee (BOC) launched its new website today, aiming to keep pace with a technologically advanced world in order to better serve athletes and sport supporters.

BOC President Romell Knowles pointed out that BahamasOlympicCommittee.org was in need of an overhaul, as the original website was more than a decade old.

The revamped website features a modern look and enlists a series of technology tools to advance Olympism in The Bahamas.

“We are attempting to make use of the type of media that a modern audience demands,” said Knowles.

“So people who visit the site will notice that it is rich in graphics and other audio/visual media.

“We need to remain progressive in advancing our messages, which will give the athletes the messages they need and the platform they deserve in order to meet their goals.

“Finally, we are doing this to make it easier for the entire nation to follow Team Bahamas because every single person has a part to play in our national success.”

Through an agreement with the International Olympic Committee, a feed from the Olympic Channel has a permanent home on the latest version of the BOC’s website.

Year-round, 24 hours per day, viewers are able to tune in to the Olympic Channel through the Bahamas-based website.

This allows audiences to keep track of events and the Olympic movement around the world in addition to following local athletes, Knowles said.He also pointed out that the new BahamasOlympicCommittee.org is a launching pad for all the BOC’s social media platforms.

He said the BOC will place more emphasis on making use of tools such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and Instagram to reach the audiences who have become accustomed to gathering news and information through social media.

Although the site is virtually brand new, featuring a large amount of new material, the executive committee of the BOC maintained one original component of BahamasOlympicCommittee.org.

The comprehensive history of the BOC - a composition by the late Sir Arlington Butler while he served as president of the BOC - remains on the site.

“I want to thank the team of BOC executive officers who worked diligently over a period of several months to design the website, gather its material, and forge the partnerships that brought it to reality,” Knowles said.

“Our secretary general Derron Donaldson and his team of Clarence Rolle and Dorian Roach did an amazing job, and the site will have ongoing transformation as it will be a dynamic and evolving work.”

Knowles said the BOC could not have produced the website without the significant and generous contributions of Team Bahamas supporter and resident of The Bahamas, Andrew White, whose business network assisted with substantial resources.

He also acknowledged the meaningful contributions of Integrated Business Solutions and 5Oceans Partnership.


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