What The Latest Emergency Powers Allow

THE Minnis administration’s latest emergency order reveals which businesses will be allowed to resume operations as the country eases lockdown restrictions.

Islands listed in the first schedule of the order include Chub Cay, Harbour Island, Long Cay, Long Island, Ragged Island, Rum Cay, San Salvador and Spanish Wells.

In these islands, churches, schools, home schools and preschools can operate with sanitisation, mask-wearing and social distancing carried out. No more than five students can attend a home school unless authorised.

Salons, barbershops and other cosmetologists may operate in these specified islands but can only have one patron per service provider in the business.

Restaurants may offer inside and outside dining at 50 percent capacity.

Social gathering is allowed with a maximum of 20 people at a private residence or facility.

Meanwhile, weddings, receptions, funerals, burials and repasts will also be allowed with guidelines.

Beaches and parks will be open in the islands in the first schedule.

The second schedule of the order includes Acklins, Abaco, Andros, the Berry Islands, Bimini, Cat Island, Crooked Island, Eleuthera, Exuma, Grand Bahama, Inagua, and Mayaguana.

As of Monday, August 31, New Providence and Paradise Island will be able to operate under the second schedule.

A nightly curfew will remain in effect between for these islands from 10pm and 5am.

Businesses and offices in islands in the second schedule can continue operations by allowing employees to work from home unless these employees are permitted to work under section four of the order. Essential workers in the civil service should report to work.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, hardware stores and water depots may operate between 6am and 9pm.

Private medical facilities may operate Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm for emergency care and other specified services. A dental practice can provide emergency care.

Commercial banks and credit unions may operate between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, while money transmission services may operate from 9am to 5pm.

International banks and trusts can also operate once client-facing services are excluded.

Pool maintenance and landscape services will be allowed between 7am and 5pm.

Retail bakeries, water and ice production shall be permitted between 7am and 5pm.

News vendors can operate between 7am and 1pm, and laundromats between 6am and 9pm provided they operate at 50 percent occupancy.

A retail business may operate Monday through Friday between 7am and 6pm using curbside or delivery service.

Gaming house operators, wholesalers and manufacturers may also operate using curbside, online or delivery services.

However, spas, gyms, straw market vendors, festivals, regattas, cinema and cultural or entertainment events and services remain prohibited. Jet ski operators are also not permitted to operate and a gym or outdoor exercise group is also prohibited.

Effective next Monday, a church in the second schedule of islands can offer live stream service between 7am and 1pm provided no more than 10 people participate on the premises.

Schools, preschools, and home school programmes with no more than five students, can operate with all health guidelines including mask-wearing and sanitisation.

Weddings and graveside services may be held with 10 people, excluding officiants.

Hotels may operate on islands in the second schedule provided guests remain on premises during the curfew.

Restaurants can operate with curbside service, pickup, delivery, takeaway and drive-thru between 5am and 9pm, and can offer outdoor dining a 50 percent capacity with social distancing. Indoor dining is not allowed.

Vendors at Fish Fry and Potter’s Cay in New Providence will be allowed to operate next week Monday, however outdoor dining is not permitted.

Fishing is allowed with no more than two people on the vessel between 5am and 6pm; commercial fishing and harvesting certain marine life is also allowed.

Beaches and parks in Grand Bahama will open between 5am and 9am. In New Providence, effective August 31, they will also be open between 5am and 9am however groups exceeding five people are not allowed.

Individuals may exercise in their neighbourhoods between 5am and 9am and in their yard at any time.

Social gatherings, unless specified in the order, remain barred.

Regarding public transportation, taxis may operate, but private and public buses remain prohibited.

Construction will be permitted Monday through Friday between 7am and 5pm; and on Saturdays between 7am and 1pm.

In the section on travel, the order states that the director general of the Civil Aviation Authority may permit a private or commercial flight while the chairman of the Bahamas Maritime Authority may permit a commercial vessel.

For inter-island travel, a negative COVID-19 test is needed and upon arrival at the destination mandatory quarantine at a government identified facility or another appropriate facility for 14 days or for the duration of stay, if for a lesser period, is required.


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