Foundation Fulfils $1m Dorian Relief Pledge



The Moore Bahamas Foundation yesterday announced its fourth and final $300,000 grant for Hurricane Dorian relief and recovery.

The announcement brings Moore Bahamas’ total contributions to $1m, and completes its pledge on behalf of Louis Bacon to support hurricane recovery.

Initially focused on emergency aid and community rebuilding in some of the hardest hit areas of The Bahamas, the grants expanded to meet needs exacerbated by the onset of COVID-19 - including food aid in Grand Bahama.

Moore Bahamas has also joined with partners such as Lend A Hand Bahamas, to provide job training in New Providence, aimed at diversifying skill sets outside of the tourism market.

“Tourism always will be foundational to The Bahamas’ economy, but both Dorian and the coronavirus pandemic have made it clear that a resilient economic future depends on the next generation of Bahamians being ready to captain new industries less reliant on foreign visitors,” said Lucas Metropulus, chair of Lend a Hand.

“The generous support from Moore Bahamas launches an enterprising programme to up skill talented young people in topics ranging from web and graphic design to aquaponic farming to call-center etiquette.”

Working with partners such as the Bahamas National Trust, Friends of the Environment, and local bone fishing guides, the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust will replant mangrove forests on both Grand Bahama and Abaco. Hurricane Dorian destroyed nearly 74 percent of mangrove cover on Grand Bahama and 40 percent on Abaco.

In partnership with the government, the Rocky Mountain Institute seeks to advance plans to create a solar-powered “green-grid” at East End, Grand Bahama. ADRA Bahamas will provide aquaponic farming equipment to Grand Bahama farmers whose equipment was lost to Dorian.


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