Ministerial Travel

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Ministerial travel…not a problem with increase except the $650.00 a head for American Eagle Club which could cause a $40,000.00 pa cost…except PM - DPM.

My serious objection is that since May 2017, if you all have forgotten the election the FNM has not reported the costs of a single Ministerial trip, not one.

PM if Ministers do not provide within 30-days of returning a full accounting and that is tabled their per diem should be cancelled until the Minister makes good…at the outside give a little 60-days after travel…imperative a full report. There are no excuses.

To the public all travel has to be approved by Cabinet ultimately the Prime Minister so on his shoulders the lack of reporting has to land.

Take for example the jaunt to open the Bahamas Embassy in Brussels…who was on that trip? Who did the PM or any of the delegation meet? It is known PM met an official of the EU but one related to EU Finance and Money Laundering…Why not?

We don’t have excess funds we must be assured the travel is absolutely essential…If you have not noticed Ministers travel weekly.



January 24, 2020.


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