The Politics Of Pandering

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Very conscious that the FNM are gearing up for an election? FNM are finally going to hold their long overdue Convention we have to look and understand why Minnis is pushing certain issues.

1) Legalising of marijuana for personal use.

2) Talk about Abortion

3) Expunging of criminal records for possession of marijuana

All geared to the young….

Can any adult ask a mother, single or to kill the baby inside of them? Don’t we accept at conception it is a person? It is my opinion that those who accept abortion accepts that murder should be legalised.

Where is the church? We heard Archdeacon Palacious and not a soul made any comments and he is supposed to be a man of the cloth. Have all the Bishops lost their tongues?

Seems power again has corrupted power……sad.



February 6, 2020.


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