Ozzie ‘The Insider’ Simmons’ High School Basketball Top 10 Rankings

GRAND Bahamian Ozzie ‘The Insider’ Simmons has released his Top 10 rankings as the action heats up in high school basketball throughout the country.

In the senior girls’ division, the Top 10 are as follows:

  1. CI Gibson

  2. St Augustine’s College

  3. Anatol Rodgers

  4. St John’s

  5. CV Bethel

  6. St George’s

  7. Kingsway Academy

  8. Tabernacle Baptist

  9. CR Walker

  10. Eight Mile Rock

The Top 10 in the senior boys’ division are:

  1. CI Gibson

  2. Sunland Lutheran

  3. Doris Johnson

  4. Tabernacle Baptist

  5. Queen’s College

  6. St Augustine’s College

  7. Anatol Rodgers

  8. St. George’s

  9. CC Sweeting

  10. Gateway Academy


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