Water And Sewerage Reveals Additional Plans For Abaco

By Earyel Bowleg


WATER and Sewage Corporation, having restored water supply in twelve Abaco settlements, have revealed additional restoration plans for the island.

Adrian Gibson, the corporation’s Executive Chairman, announced on Thursday: “The corporation can confirm that we have returned normal water supply to our customers in the following settlements on mainland Abaco: Crown Haven, Fox (Town), Mount Hope, Wood Cay, Cedar Harbour, Cooper’s Town, Fire Road, Blackwood, Casuarina, Cherokee, Crossing Rocks, and Sandy Point.”

Sometime ago the corporation requested $15 million from government to restore operations on the island. Mr. Gibson said they may request “another few millions” if the corporation “discovers new things”.

He noted that the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) was experiencing challenges with the water supply system on Moore’s Island and Grand Cay, but he expected those to be rectified in the coming days. Mr. Gibson said a private contractor was taken on to assist with completing extensive repairs to Marsh Harbour’s distribution system. He also disclosed plans to repair Marsh Harbour’s pumping, which will be solar powered.

He added: “In the Marsh Harbour pumping site, WSC will commence ….major clearance work for a new $1.5 million imperial gallon storage tank that has been contracted and a new pump station building and two new solar fields.”

“New standby generators were also delivered this week for both the new pumping stations and another for the well fields. When completed our Marsh Harbour pumping stations will be our most advanced pumping station in the Family Islands with sufficient solar capacity to operate our entire well field and pumping station along with standby power and BPL power for use when the sunlight is not available,” he said.

Storage tanks were destroyed in Grand Cay and Treasure Cay and those plants will be getting a new 125,000 and 750,000 imperial gallon storage tank.

Contracts have been awarded for vehicles, equipment, new facilities, restoration works, and services in excess of $8.3 million and the board is to approve the commencement of procurement exercise for several building contracts, including a new Treasure Cay commercial and operations centre and refurbishment of all existing buildings on Abaco. Contracts have also been issued for water storage tanks and demolition of damaged tanks.

The corporation has received assistance from the non-governmental organization (NGO) Water Mission, which provided a new standby generator and desalination plant as the complete water production facility on the island was destroyed. WSC is currently exploring an offer from another NGO to help with improvement works on the distribution system .

According to the executive chairman, WSC would “takeover more and more" to start to repair their distribution system and tank and the corporation is supplying all of Abaco, despite the lack of BPL power in some instances or the loss of tanks due to the storm.


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