Letter: Don't Let Us Join This Hate Fest Against Trump

EDITOR, The Tribune

Foreign Affairs Minister Darren Heinfield’s comment to The Tribune about “it not being this country’s place to express support or opposition to the US strike” against Iran may be viewed as the Free National Movement government straddling the fence on a crucially important geopolitical matter. With the US being our most important and strategic ally, I see no reason for not supporting the American government in going after Qasem Soleimani, who was viewed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as the mastermind behind Iran’s state sponsored terrorism throughout the Middle East region.

As the leader of the Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force, one can rightly assume that Soleimani had political clout under Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khameni. Bahamians who are rooting for the demise of President Donald must realise that all of Western civilisation is under Dar al-Islam, which means the house of war.

In an ideal world for devout Muslims, each nation would be governed under Sharia Law. The US currently stands as a buffer between Islamic imperialism and the freedoms we Westerners often take for granted. Bahamians who are siding with Iran and Islam have conveniently forgotten about Islam’s strategic role in the 9/11 attacks and its attendant debilitating impact on the tourism industry we heavily rely on; in addition to being completely oblivious to the Prophet Muhammad’s racist gaffe in the Hadith.

These Bahamian hate mongers act as if Iranians and Arabs constitute the majority of the tourists that visits this destination annually. Again, I implore my fellow Bahamians to resist the temptation to enter into the anti-Trump hate fest.


Grand Bahama

January 12, 2020


Porcupine 2 years ago

Kevin Evans,

I have never before read such a short letter to the editor so filled with errors, delusions and downright falsehoods. Your perspective here goes against any type of honest logic there is. There is no, absolutely no excuse for Trump to be in any position of influence in any organization in the world. Your rose colored glasses for what the U.S. stands for is utterly delusional. Do you watch anything other than FOX news?



Well_mudda_take_sic 2 years ago

Do you watch anything but MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, BBC, CBC, etc.? Do you read anything but the New York Times, Washington Post, Polico, Huffington Post, NPR, Buzzfeed, Economist, etc.? They are all mouthpieces for the left leaning agenda of America's new breed of socialists.....the kind who would have most Americans live one way as the "have nots" while they live in an entirely different way as the "haves".

That aside.....we, the Bahamian people and our government, would be wise to always align ourselves with U.S. foreign policy initiatives aimed at containing the lethal activities of the world's leading self-proclaimed terrorist organizations no matter the country from which they may choose to wreak havoc on the rest of world.


EasternGate 2 years ago

This letter is so illogical that it's silly!


milesair 2 years ago

Just more of the usual drivel from this "Kevin Evans." Anyone who believes this nonsense suffers from "Trump Delusional Syndrome." So what else is new? I do NOT watch the U.S. corporate propaganda machine so-called news period! That would include Faux News as well, the ultimate FAKE news.


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