We Must Reduce Co2 Emissions

EDITOR, The Tribune.

So single plastic bags and items are banned with brilliance we introduce a reusable bag of plastic material content you really think those bags are not going to be left on the beach or dropped into the water? Do they biodegrade? Then what do the environmentalists propose? We get rid of those bags which were the substitute for the old food store bags? Try again?

A Talk Show host argued this week…you don’t see the foodstore bags to the side of the street or on the beach or in the water to that extent. He may be onto something.

We must care more for the environment….Physical Planning Officers and Building Control and Health driving around have to see the side streets unlicensed garages…commercial vehicles parked in even fancy sub-divisions even broken down vehicles do they do anything? Environmental Health cleaned a lot today and in a day filled right back up!

Talk is cheap - Government is talking out of both sides of their mouth and up and down…they think this environmental push will gain them votes…haha what did they contract at BP&L not fossil fuel driven engines that will continue to pollute? We have to reduce CO2 emissions.



January 9, 2020.


joeblow 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Plant more trees and stop buying goods from China!!


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