That’S It - We Quit: Valley Boys Resign In Protest Over Loss Of Boxing Day Title

Valley Boys on Bay Street in the Boxing Day parade.

Valley Boys on Bay Street in the Boxing Day parade.



THE Valley Boys resigned from the Junkanoo Corporation New Providence (JCNP) yesterday, saying they will no longer participate in upcoming parades managed by the body. 

The bombshell announcement came after parade management team chairman, Anthen Mortimer, announced the Saxon Superstars were crowned the official winners of the Boxing Day and New Year’s Day parades and Valley Boys took second place in both events.

With 81.44 points, Valley Boys were the unofficial Boxing Day parade winners and the Saxons initially came in a close second with 80.01 points. However, the official results put the Saxons in first place with 85.01 points and Valley Boys in second with 81.44 points after a three-point penalty. In a statement posted to the Valley Boys’ Facebook page, group chairman Brian Adderley said: “We trust that a new entity will be put in place to manage future Boxing Day and New Year’s Day parades so that justice and fairness can prevail in future Junkanoo competitions.”

At a press conference yesterday, the JNCP said the decision was disappointing. However the body conceded that in light of the protest over unofficial Junkanoo scores this parade season, the Independent Review Committee (IRC) and “protest procedures in general” need to be reviewed. The JCNP said it is committed to reforming this “segment of the parade aftermath in short order” ahead of the 2020/2021 parades.

“On Friday past, the JCNP received an ultimatum from the Valley Boys Junkanoo group stating that if the IRC and its subsequent recommendations are allowed, they will no longer participate in the upcoming parades that (are) managed by the JNCP,” the JNCP announced yesterday.

“Today, the Valley Boys followed up by submitting electronically a letter of resignation with immediate effect. While the JCNP is disappointed in the Valley Boys’ decision, the JNCP wishes them the best in their future endeavors.”

At a press conference yesterday to announce the official results, JCNP President Dion Miller was reluctant to comment further on the group’s resignation.

He replied: “Well, the JCNP has combination of about 24 or 25 groups, the Valley Boys is one group in that pie. So we have six other category A groups. The JCNP represents a collective. So we look out for the best interest of all of our groups. 

“Our job is to prepare for the parade and that’s with all of the groups, some the groups – whatever. We’re here for the greater good. So, we’re not going to focus on one or two particular entity.” 

Some observers have expressed frustration about having to wait for a month for official parade results. Mr Miller said the timeframe is nothing new, saying it was a “normal occurrence” and that the groups are aware that the results can change.

Yet, he admitted that the IRC process needs to be improved as he found it to be a bit outdated and lengthy. 

“I think that within 24 – 48 hours the parade (results) should be final; should be done and we can move on. So I’m in that leaning towards that where we could streamline the process to make this quicker,” Mr Miller added. 

Compounding the issue, the JCNP revealed in a press statement that the body took issue with several aspects of the IRC’s final report including the Fancy Dancers protest of a 10-point penalty for a vehicle blocking the parade route.

“. . .The corporation’s view is that a more in-depth investigation by IRC would have uncovered that the said infraction did not take place on the parade route as stated in the 2019/2020 JCNP Parade Rules,” JCNP noted. “The corporation is also of the view that all obstruction penalties constituted a more in-depth approach such as interviews, etc. The JCNP also takes issue with a ruling as it relates to a category A lead costume. The IRC report essentially gave two different rulings on the costume, resulting in the IRC recommending the JCNP to further investigate.”  

In spite of the controversy, Mr Miller defended the judging of the parades. “The JCNP takes every precaution to make sure the parade is fair,” he said. “. . .My job is (to ensure) that the process is fair, is transparent, and doing what we supposed to be doing and I’m quite confident and quiet comfortable with that.”

The JCNP’s report, which is available online, revealed that the Valley Boys received penalties for visible cloth undergarment on some its members. 

The official category A results show that Genesis remained in third place but with 76.71 points after a three point penalty. One Family was fourth place with 74.19 points after a 12 point penalty. Roots finished last with 69.31 points after a 10 point deduction.

As for the New Year’s Day parade, Saxons Superstars came in first with 84.50 points, Valley Boys second with 81.44 points, One Family third with 81.10, and Roots fourth with 76.39 points.

Meanwhile the Valley Boys posted on Facebook that the group will hold a general meeting this week to address the issues arising from the parades. 


tell_it_like_it_is 1 year, 4 months ago

Oh please, decisions were overturned in the past in the Valley Boys favour. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, they can't take it? I'm sorry, this is just too funny for me. ROFL


DWW 1 year, 4 months ago

spoiled brats thats the bahamain culture on display at its finest. take a gracious bow and do the honorable thing.


bahamianson 1 year, 4 months ago

so what type of computer is being used in this process? One would think that we would be more efficient with the addition of a computer. Why is it still taking one month to process the results? More so, if it takes one month to process results, then stop giving unofficial results!!! can you imagine if your doctor told you that you were cancer free only to come back in a month to say , you have cancer. Who does that? Every year it is the same thing and the organization does not learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sickened 1 year, 4 months ago

Junkanoo has unfortunately become a sad joke among Bahamians. Every year something stupid happens and the parade just doesn't get any better. Junkanoo needs to start fresh and make sensible decisions on everything: time of year, location, how many in a year, start times, size of groups, number of groups, funding, scoring, prize money.


BahamaRed 1 year, 4 months ago

Just ridiculous, the Valley Boys are acting like a bunch of spoilt brats. I always felt like as long as they are winning they are good, they can talk a lot of smack and be as biggety as they want. As soon as they lose, it's a whole different kettle of fish. They want to act as though some grave injustice was done to them, and carry on like a bunch of brats.

Let them boycott, I hope they are also boycotting receiving any seed money from the JNCP as well. I also hope that means we won't see them on Baystreet come Boxing Day 2020. Guess that means they need to find a venue to host their own parade. SMH

It will be interesting to see how this pans out.


joeblow 1 year, 4 months ago

Nothing works properly when managed by Bahamians especially when betting is involved (yes people gamble on Junkanoo). It may be time to outsource the tallying of Junkanoo results!


bogart 1 year, 4 months ago

Junkanoo disputes angst previous years usually resolved quickly and now happening is evolved into the historic stand representing tens of thousands in this 7 X 21 mile island of Junkanoos fans. Historic happening an both sides at screeching halt and sign of the times of tens of thousands of Junkanoos and nation.


sheeprunner12 1 year, 4 months ago

No need for judging and bleachers in Junkanoo ……… its not helping the culture to grow ….. just more political corruption and rivalry that is totally unnecessary. ……. BTW, if our people are going to spend $30 million on these two major parades and not make any real money off it, its wasting precious time and financial resources …….. self-sustainable culture is not done this way ……… An online auction should take place and sell off those Junkanoo pieces after the parades like artwork and reclaim some revenue ……. not scrap this beautiful artwork that takes scores of man hours to create.


TalRussell 1 year, 4 months ago

Junkanoo is no longer that what it was meant to celebrate, the brungin all comrades together - as one colony, one set comrades. I suggest completely doing away with the conflicting judging of groups? Return Junakanoo to a parade where everyone gets to rush, or simply join in as walk around participates. Commercialism greedy and infighters has stolen the Junkanoo that we all grown up with. Do away having mortgage your two first born's, just afford price required ticket gain admission.


Sickened 1 year, 4 months ago

I stand with you on this Tal.


themessenger 1 year, 4 months ago

What is the JCNP doing about removing the bleachers and fencing still cluttering up Bay Street almost a month after the parade? Bahamian organization and efficiency at it's best!


sheeprunner12 1 year, 4 months ago

That is why Junkanoo should be staged in its own stadium


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