Time To Tell The Public

EDITOR, The Tribune

The Chair of BP&L, Mr Moxey - his Minister when speaking about the all essential use of standby generators always speaks about their cost, but never speaks or confirms if BP&L makes a profit from their extensive use – why?

Yes $2 million a month might be high, but if BP&L is making $4-5-6 million a month on top of the basic per KW costs surely this is something URCA as the Regulator should have approved and the customer should know?

115MW or more of the Aggreko generators as long as BP&L have been relying on them and even today those same generators are full blast on at Clifton. If truth be told BP&L can’t do without them right now.

Mr Moxey the public should be told the truth about this stand by generator revenue issue…..you pay, so you say, $2 million every 30-days (a month).

My BP&L bill says I am charged at least 20 plus cents a KW…Is it true BP&L pay Aggreko two-three cents per KW? So BP&L are making 18 cents over the basic cost – the multiplier has to be enormous when taken as a whole. Time the public knew?



January 28, 2020.


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