Bahamians Don't Follow Rules

EDITOR, The Tribune

I write to you with reference to an article that I saw in The Nassau Guardian, written by one Mr William Wong on July 24, 2020, headed: It Ain’t Right.

Dear Mr Wong, I write to you without prejudice, but I totally disagree with you in your statement that the vendors at Arawak Cay and under the bridge were forced to close for a second time, and you see a very different road ahead for these ordinary Bahamians to make an honest living when other restaurants can continue by operating via drive-through and have curb-side service.

Where on Arawak Cay and under the bridge can you have drive-through and curb-side? You stated that with the help of the police at Arawak Cay they can enforce the protocol of wearing masks and keeping six feet apart. Only some places you see Bahamians doing that! I desire to differ with you, because Bahamian people refuse to obey the law, even with the police presence.

Some of them are not going to wear masks, or stay six feet apart. Bahamians just do not respect authority. Just look and see what happened in Grand Bahama. Bahamians do not follow rules.

This is my first time writing to you. I would appreciate it if you would publish this in your paper for me.

I also have another question for my Bahamian people.


For the white or the black? Does it only matter when a white man kneels on a black man’s neck and kills him? But it does not matter when a black man kills a small child or children in the arms of their mother, or kills other black men every day of the week?



July, 2020.


birdiestrachan 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Bahamians do not follow laws?. Judge and jury over all Bahamians they are all alike except for the judge of all Bahamians. There are many good up standing Bahamians young and old.

Killing another human being is always wrong. A police man paid to protect the citizens put his hand in his pocket and kills a man a human being while he plead for his life and calls for his mother in .the day light is different.

I doubt you know the difference. because you put all Bahamians in a box and label them. as bad people. It is not TRUE


totherisingsun 2 months, 2 weeks ago

A sweeping overgeneralization of "All Bahamians" is obviously not correct. It is, however commonly understood that many Bahamians don't like rules, like to cut corners and use favors to cut lines. Many tip. Many have no problem driving without a license or insurance. The reality of what we do as a majority may gives credence to the overgeneralization. One only has to examine what a culture laughs at to give an idea of what they don't take seriously. Hand in the Till...Haha. Sweethearts...Haha. Back door deal improper? SMT.


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