Police Delay On Killing ‘Concerning’

ENGLERSTON MP Glenys Hanna Martin. (File photo)

ENGLERSTON MP Glenys Hanna Martin. (File photo)


Tribune Staff Reporter


ENGLERSTON MP Glenys Hanna-Martin wants National Security Minister Marvin Dames to explain why it took three days for authorities to confirm that a police involved killing happened last Friday.

In a press statement yesterday she called the late confirmation “totally unacceptable” and “very concerning”.

Police killed 31-year-old Jamal Frazer Bodie on Friday evening. This newspaper pressed police officials for answers on the matter many times on Sunday and Monday, but it was National Security Minister Marvin Dames who finally confirmed the incident when contacted on Monday. Police officials released a statement on the matter on Monday evening.


Marvin Dames, Minister of National Security.

Police Commissioner Paul Rolle told The Tribune he thought a statement had been released earlier.

“It was miscommunication in regards to that,” he said. “I apologise for the miscommunication. There was no attempt to hide anything.”

Nonetheless, Ms Hanna-Martin noted the recent uptick in police-involved killings that she said is “causing much disquiet in the public domain”.

“We face a grave risk that community confidence and trust are being eroded and compromised,” she said. “These are essential components to maintaining the peace, social balance and a healthy democracy.

“We demand transparency and accountability in the exercise of police powers; we insist on the protection of the law for the security of all citizens.

“It is now therefore critical that an independent body be immediately established to investigate allegations of excessive force and alleged abuses by police. It may very well be necessary to review existing policies and practices and explore alternative strategies. Body cameras must be urgently mandated.”


mandela 6 months ago

An independent body to investigate allegations of excessive force and alleged abuses by police is needed immediately, the police investigating the police is like criminals investigating themselves. It was stated in one of the news tabloids that on the 1st of August body and dash cameras will go into action, we the citizens are waiting to see this happen.


tribanon 6 months ago

You wouldn't want to walk a day in any police officer's shoes given the many two legged violent animals we have roaming our streets today. The wretched Hanna-Martin won't of course ever shed a tear for any police officer killed in action. She has always specialized in stirring things up with her loud mouth for political gain rather than offering any meaningful solutions to the problems she likes to rant on about.


xtreme2x 6 months ago

I do not normally agree with Mrs Hanna. But i agree with her in this matter and disagree with you in your thinking.


ThisIsOurs 6 months ago

This may not be one of the violent ones. It is extremely odd to the 100th power that they did not report this. They dudnt firget. So what were they doing in the 3 days? getting the story straight?


sealice 6 months ago

This happens in the country since the 70's - you get locked up or killed on a Friday nothing happens till next week. That's why you supposed to don't get catch on fri unless you wanna spend the weekend in jail....come on this is one of the joys and privileges of living in this 3rd world hell hole!!

And really he pulled a gun on the cops - he didn't care for the cops why should they care for him?


DEDDIE 6 months ago

I support the police but it is disconcerting that after Greenslade became an ambassador there has been a fivefold increase in police involve killings.


birdiestrachan 6 months ago

because Dames has appointed himself King of something. and has to answer to no one.

They are all free to do as they like and act as they please. and they are accountable to not a God soul.

The Bahamian people should just get use to it all.


DDK 6 months ago

Mrs. Hanna Martin is absolutely correct. We seem to be moving toward a police state, with one corrupt government after another using the police force to back up its control of The People. There is nothing remotely Royal about the Bahamas Police Force. It has long been a band of largely uneducated, lazy, self-important, misfits, now morphing into a dangerous force of corrupt thugs.


hrysippus 6 months ago

I for one do not support the police. I think the standard of policing in the country is abysmal, that so many are issued firearms is just scary. Do you remember that drunken one in Abaco waving his gun around in public? Do you know what punishment he got? Exactly; you now understand my point.


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