66 New Cases Of Covid-19

There were 66 new cases of COVID-19 reported on Friday, with 39 in Grand Bahama and 27 in New Providence.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases in The Bahamas to 574, with a total of 14 deaths.

At present, 19 patients remain in hospital, and there are 467 active cases. A total of 4,286 tests have been completed.


ISpeakFacts 2 months ago

You would think with the very active ongoing hurricane season along with Florida being the NEW epicenter of the Chinese Virus, the "competent authority" and his "Yes Men" would use their shrivelled-up brains and come to the conclusion that maybe opening our borders up to the U.S isn't a good idea.. Hundreds of D- citizens are cooped up in a hurricane shelter where the Chinese Virus is having its way with them without them even knowing it, and this is only a category 1 storm!

Lord help us all if we have to deal with another Dorian along with the current Category 5 storm thats been terrorising us since 2017, also known as "Minnis"!!!


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