Commissioner Insists He Is Working On Police Image

Police Commissioner Paul Rolle.

Police Commissioner Paul Rolle.



COMMISSIONER of Police Paul Rolle said he is putting in place a number of policies to clean up the public’s negative perception of Royal Bahamas Police Force.

His comments came as Americans continue to protest the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed while being detained by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The incident has reignited the conversation about police brutality and accusations have been tossed by some Bahamians at the RBPF for unfair treatment.

Several suspects have also been killed by police this year.

The commissioner said yesterday that he recently reviewed the force’s professional standards. A dress code and social media policy are expected to be released soon while others are being revised.

“We have been addressing that and taken a more proactive approach to dealing with breaches of discipline in the Royal Bahamas Police Force and trying to clean that up and I think we’ve been making some good progress internally. You’re gonna see some things,” he responded when asked about complaints of unfair treatment by police.

“We’ve also been meeting with the Police Inspectorate. That is the process that we have ongoing but I’ve also put out a number of policies to kind of address the shortcomings, the breaches that were not really provided for. So I’m now codifying some of them so that officers can know their limitations.

“..There’s a whole compendium of legislations or what we call ‘for standing orders’ and I’m reviewing and revising many of those because times have changed and so we have to modernise them in order to address issues that we encounter today.”

His policing plan for 2020 is expected to be tabled in Parliament soon.

The police chief also had a stern warning to persons who have the intention of committing crimes.

He said: “Look, the reality is we are putting measures in place to prevent crime because we want the criminal element to know that we are going to be there. I expect some persons who may wish to commit crime and I want to discourage them. That’s why I could say that because we are going to be there and we’ll deal with it.”

The Ministry of National Security signed a contract with AE Tactical in January for 400 body worn and dash cameras. It was expected the equipment would be used by police officers this year, but Commissioner Rolle admitted the process has been slow due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Real-Time Crime Centre that we have, we entered into COVID and that affected the suppliers and the ability to move forward at the pace which we wanted that slowed us,” he explained.

“I think we would’ve taken possession already of some of the equipment we’re just waiting for the completion of the Real-Time Crime Centre... it’s almost finished.”


tell_it_like_it_is 2 months ago

Sure you will. I really believe you, just as they said who came before you!


bahamianson 2 months ago

need to learn how to talk to black Bahamians instead of cursing us and beating us . Start with that.


bogart 2 months ago

Working on the image needs more than just that.

Erryone on dis 7X21 island done know is like painting an old car don't change it and paint just cover up the rust and rotten car.

What is needed is more efficiencies and better response to reports or complaints by public to crime. More quickness in being at road traffic accidents that cost nation waste man hours in delayed traffic trying to get to .work. More patrols efffective actions, investigations in urban areas where gangs seem to operate affecting residents. More money rewards for persons reporting crime tips. More investigations reported that stop crime rather than Police and Morgue vehicle at crime scene afterwards. More stopping heavily black out tinted glass windows on vehicles seems transporting full car load of men to crime scenes getting out and gunning down victims. More active monitoring of camera surveillance on lampposts, more psychological etc testing, of applicants and enlisted and on and on


mandela 2 months ago

All we need is every officer working on the beat when interacting with the public to have a body camera turned on and not able to be manipulated, every police car before going on the road to interact with the public is turned on and not able to be manipulated, then and only then will we see some changes. The police lie.


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