Two Found Dead In Separate Incidents

The scene at Pink Meadows Avenue on Tuesday. Photo: Terrel W Carey Sr/Tribune staff

The scene at Pink Meadows Avenue on Tuesday. Photo: Terrel W Carey Sr/Tribune staff



POLICE are investigating two more homicides after two men were found dead in separate incidents Tuesday. 

A man’s body was found in St Joseph Church’s graveyard. ASP Audley Peters said the deceased is believed to be between 40 to 45 years old and preliminary findings reveal he is a resident of the area. The man’s identity was not released.  He said the body appeared to have been in the graveyard overnight and foul play is suspected. “Shortly before 6am this morning, a male was walking through the cemetery when he came upon a body laying on the ground with severe head injuries,” ASP Peters said.

“He called the police a short time later. The police arrived and EMS was called in where they pronounced the body unresponsive.”

Hours later, a man was shot while fixing a vehicle Tuesday afternoon on Pink Meadows Avenue off Bellot Road.

On the scene, ASP Peters told reporters that shortly after 1pm police received information of a shooting incident.

“Officers responded and the information we received was that a male was fixing a vehicle when he was approached by a lone gunman who shot him. The suspect got away on foot in an unknown direction,” he said.

He added the victim was approximately in his 30s to early 40s.

Asked if police are concerned about the recent spate of killings and shootings, ASP Peters assured the force is ensuring matters are brought to a closure and depends on members of the community providing information.

He said: “Any incident that would’ve occurred, the police would be concerned about it. What is of note is that we’re putting every effort forward to ensure that we bring matters like these to a closure as quick as possible and our success thus far has been our response from members of the community with providing the intelligence for us in getting our suspects and bringing these matters before the court.”

The killings pushed the country’s murder count to 34 for the year according to this newspaper’s records. On Sunday night, a man was shot dead on his porch in Nassau Village. He was identified by relatives as 40-year-old Godfrey Sawyer. 

On Saturday, a two-year-old was shot by a stray bullet while in her grandmother’s arms as the two were on the front porch of the woman’s home. The child was flown to New Providence where she was last listed in critical condition. Police said two men are in custody in connection to that incident.  


Giordano 1 week, 3 days ago

This should not be about "The Force bringing a matter to a closure". It is important but NOT ENOUGH.This should be about "Prevention". This topic has nearly everyone in The Bahamas immerse in it for so long. Yes.! Preventing any crime by having the long waiting "Police Saturation" We need police PRESENCE nearly everywhere. Even more in those vulnerable places where most looser of Human Dignity (The majority of us) reside. With ZERO POLICE PATROLLING of any kind. It is so noticeable . Even in this time of technology combine with huge resources coming from Huracane Dorian & COVID-19 Pandemic.,thousands of millions of dollars that were already received by the administration of current PM Hubert Minnis who fails to match the priorities of the nation with his decisions. The entire government should be held accountable for failing to act responsibly and not putting in place all the necessary logistic to prevent this and so many other kind of crime including embezzlement in and out of government in The Bahamas. Where is the justice? Nobody in The Bahamas supposes to be ABOVE THE LAWS. We don't need PARALLEL PLEDGE ÓR ALLEGIANCE to the already constitutional ones. What we need is, some national reform to fix the composition of Bahamian Parliament which should include the reservation of at least 4 new PERMANENT SEATS IN PARLIAMENT ONLY FOR EMERGING LEADERS, elected from "running independent", out of the traditional political parties to team up with the opposition to challenge any motion that is not in the best interests of the nation. We need independent team of "Auditors & Controllers" to bring matters of financial crime, the most terrible crime, to a closure. It's not only the newly appointed Police Commissioner involved recently in this kind of crime, we probably have more than the entire members of cabinet involved in this mentioned TERRIBLE CRIME. We need serious reform, and putting all these crooks behind bars and take everything they stole from the Bahamian & Residents.


Chucky 1 week, 3 days ago

Everyone in the picture is obese! Shameful!

And are we transporting bodies in the back of station wagons? WTF!


bogart 1 week, 3 days ago

There are some 34 murders this year wid wutless gangs and killers driving round getting out of vehicles and senseless spraying people with bullets.

Country faces some pandemic Covid which has some11 passing away and country Politicians implemented improvised measures must wear masks to stop dangerous spraying of infectous diseaseetc etc., swiftly massive restrictions legislation in ages to stop more people dying from Covid disease which don't have a vaccine cure.

Amazing that there are such massive, innovative precautions, quick legislation to stop Covid with some 11 deaths but there is not yet to stop these senseless so far 34 deaths more than Covid the wutless gun murderers permanently inflicting senseless deaths and the same Politicians can bring back to curb the murders sure vaccine law of Death Penalty which still on books.


DDK 1 week, 2 days ago

Excellent post Giordano. Sadly, it is probably far too much for those in authority to take in. Most either do not understand the logic and validity of your words or do not care, or both.......


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