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Keiani Thomas, founder of The Mommy Spot blog and community.

Keiani Thomas, founder of The Mommy Spot blog and community.


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Keiani Thomas believes “adulting” – what millennials and Gen Z call responsible behaviours by grown-ups – can be tedious, especially for mothers, regardless if they have one, two or five children.

Juggling a career, remembering to drink eight glasses of water, doing school pick-ups and keeping up with your social scene can be a lot.

To help her fellow moms navigate through these challenging times, Keiani – who is herself currently expecting – created The Mommy Spot (formerly Jazzy Moms), a socialising network for mothers and soon-to-be mothers.

This blog and community seeks to guide women through motherhood by offering tips for them and their children, and by hosting events that make their lives easier.

Keiani said she founded The Mommy Spot mainly because she wished there had a similar support group available to her when she was a experiencing life as a new mom in her 20s.

The event to kick off Mommy Spot’s 2020 series of activities will be the ‘Mommy and Me’ yoga session to be held this Saturday, March 14, at the Sandyport Beach. For a small fee, mothers and their kids can stretch and relax near the calming waves, while bonding and fellowshipping with other moms and moms-to-be.

“Currently pregnant, yoga has been an excellent source of relaxation and exercise for me, so naturally I thought that it would be such an awesome opportunity to get moms involved,” said Keiani. My daughter loves it and it’s a time for us to bond together outdoors with something we both enjoy. I figured if the experience is so great for us, why not share it with others. So I invite all moms and expecting moms to come out with their kids and baby bumps and enjoy an hour of connecting while exercising.”

The instructor for the upcoming event is also an expecting mom who has been practicing yoga for years.

“The sessions are not about competition, but more so community and bonding,” she said.

Keiani started out “mommy blogging” as a single mother. Her blog followed her journey of becoming a wife and expanding her little family. With so much having changed in her life, she believes her experience can offer valuable lessons for other women.

“We have expanded our target audience to include expecting moms; our events will be more frequent and consistent and will provide more learning opportunities for moms and moms-to-be. Before, our events were simply mommy meet-up and play dates, but we want to take it a step further because after the meet-up moms are still challenged in raising kids,” she said.

Keiani hopes The Mommy Spot can bring together like-minded women and create a community in which people inspire and support one another.

“As a mom, for a long time I thought that some of the challenges I faced were unique to me, but through connections (with others) I have discovered that we are all facing similar challenges. Some of the things I have learned since launching this movement are that it’s better with a village, asking for help is OK, and nothing beats having a trusted group of strong woman cheering you along the way,” she said.

“As the year continues, we will host monthly events that will bring kids, moms and sometimes even dads together to encourage, uplift and inspire. We host monthly mom meet-ups for moms and play dates for their kids. We are partnering with healthcare professionals to provide knowledge and discussion to help moms and those expecting to navigate through life as a mom.”


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