Anglican Church Men Prepare For Feast Day Of St Joseph


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ANGLICAN men will be honoured for their contributions and leadership during the upcoming Feast Day of St Joseph.

Scheduled for March 19, Christ Church Cathedral on George Street will host the Anglican Church Men (ACM) of the Diocese of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands for a special service that begins at 7pm.

St Joseph is the patron saint of the ACM. The Feast Day recognises St Joseph, husband to Mary, mother of Jesus, and the significant role he played as father to the key figure of the Christian faith.

During the special feast, ACM members will be reminded to always exemplify characteristics of leadership, righteousness, obedience, and a sense of responsibility while being “arduous in response to God’s call for intentional discipleship.”

The service has a two-fold purpose, as the ACM will honour 17 council presidents, both past and present.

“The organisation continues to grow from strength to strength and on the shoulders of its past leaders. The role of the council president is to provide strategic leadership, mentorship and overall direction of the organisation. From 1972 to present, the organisation has peacefully transitioned, and has provided support to thousands of men across the diocese,” said the ACM in a press statement.

The honorees are: Roger Simmons; Everette Z Mackey; Kurth Wallace; Kevin K Ryan; Dwight Gibson, and the following council presidents who have died and gone on to their final reward: Reuben Gomez; Harold Cole; Preston Hanna; Clyde Bethel; Warren Pinder; Alton Wallace; David Clarke; Christopher Francis; Reginald Whylly; Edwin Strachan; Bismark Coakley, and Herbert B Scott.

“All are invited to participate in this service for the Feast of St Joseph as we honour men for their leadership in the Ministry of Men’s Development,” said the ACM.

Additionally, the Feast of St Joseph will continue with a series of events from March 20 – 22, in the Turks and Caicos district.


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