Davis Urges Wsc To Reconnect Customers

PLP Leader Philip "Brave" Davis.

PLP Leader Philip "Brave" Davis.


Tribune Senior Reporter


OPPOSITION Leader Philip “Brave” Davis said because of the coronavirus crisis, the Water & Sewerage Corporation and Bahamas Power & Light should reconnect customers disconnected over arrears.

WSC announced on Monday that it will temporarily suspend disconnections.

Mr Davis also suggested banks institute a temporary halt on foreclosures, adding lending institutions should be patient over loan payments during this ordeal.

Mr Davis said yesterday: “The Water & Sewerage Corporation was correct to hold disconnections. It would also be correct and effective to also consider the reconnection of those whose supply have been disconnected as water is an essential component to adequate hygiene. It is also our view that it would be correct and effective if BPL would proactively support this national containment effort by similarly following the policy of the Water & Sewerage Corporation.”

Mr Davis also said: “The National Insurance Board must provide temporary unemployment assistance.”

NIB has said those laid off due to the crisis can apply for unemployment benefit and those who are quarantined can apply for a sick benefit.

“(There should be) assistance to small and medium sized enterprises and hotels that will be immediately affected and may be forced to reduce working hours and in some cases lay off staff,” Mr Davis said. “The Central Bank must strongly consider easing credit and lowering the cost of capital. Arrangements must be made with financial institutions to temporarily halt foreclosures and demonstrate forbearance with customers regarding loan payments. Measures must be taken to ensure that consumers aren’t being taken advantage of by price-gouging.”

Meanwhile, an infectious disease expert said during the PLP’s press conference yesterday that The Bahamas will inevitably have to lock down the country to contain the novel coronavirus by demanding some people work from home and that certain businesses remain closed for a period.

Jamaica, which has 12 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus, implemented strict social distancing measures on Wednesday––ordering all non-essential employees in the private and public sector to work from home for seven days, banning public gatherings of more than 20 people, including for funerals and weddings, and closing all bars, nightclubs and other areas of entertainment.

Dr Melissa Ford, who said she once served in US army medical command as an infectious disease and pulmonary department healthcare worker, said this is where The Bahamas is headed even though the country still has just one confirmed case of the disease.

“We do have to remember that unlike other countries, our country has been deemed by the Ministry of Health to be 75 percent obese and we do carry a lot of co-morbidities and chronic illnesses that will make rapid transmission of this disease catastrophic for us,” she said.

“We only have one case and we’re very fortunate for that. However, there might be several true cases out there that we haven’t confirmed yet and that’s going to be a growing concern for the country. As numbers rise and they will rise in my belief as they have around the world, it will become more important to really examine isolation and mandatory containment and this we found around the world globally has been what has been crucial in the reduction of new cases worldwide. We’ve examined all the data continuously and we find that really, really containing the population is going to be imperative in order to put a cap on the transmission rate of the disease at least until we can as a country come together and get everything in preparation to fight this war that we are going to face.”


bogart 10 months ago

Mr. Davis just dont seem to understand that poor people water and electricity have been turned off for years since his party was in power and knowing the people cupboards empty imposed regressive VAT taxes. Turning on reconnections to utilities needs to examine deteriatoon in pipes joints, dry rot rubbers in innards of faucets, non used water heaters, leaks in pipes underground, walls etc and who is liable for flooding the peoples homes ruining carpets, wooden furnitures and likely erry item as they claim. Reconnection both electricity and water must be examined carefully. After years of water turned off it is quite likely that persons have found alternative sources to have daily water supply. Mr. Davis should have been in contact with these poor people all these years.


BahamasForBahamians 10 months ago

At some you point you'd have to shutup with your party politics and focus on the nation..


bogart 10 months ago

Now you PLP political trolls now coming out of woodwork. Already is RECENT reconnections being turned on and as I said turning electricity and water must be examined carefully. There are usually defects in water pipes system which likely led to having water turned off. Your party failure is to understand technical works massive wastages cost overruns, Water Treatment plant Gladstone rd, Clinics, school repairs, seawalls, baseball stadium, airport maintenances, etcetc etc and all your belief is all for you baby which is why have only 4 seats. Sad.


TheMadHatter 10 months ago

This was suggested LONG TIME by the DNA, that people be allowed to have a certain number of gallons of water FREE each month, so that they can flush toilets and brush teeth and do other essential human health procedures.

But, since Davis's government and this government still maintain outside toilets in the center of Nassau - the above idea is only a dream here in this country. Water. Amazing. You just couldn't sell this story in Europe - nobody would believe it.


John 10 months ago

As you speak BPL is out disconnecting and not for past due but the current bill included. And if you have a water pump and they disconnect your light then you have no light and no water.


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