Leave This Crisis To The Experts

EDITOR, The Tribune

We have listened to and read so much about Covid-19 that the brain is totally confused about the whole affair. We have experts and experts, Government officials, health officials all adding their two cents to the issue how to wash you hands, how to sneeze, what to sing while washing your hands and how not to hoard loo rolls and other necessary products and so on.

Most of us who are just ordinary beings trying to live in this complicated world just have to listen to this continual buzz some good and some foolish. Can you imagine being confined to your house, apartment or sleeping bag on the street for four months. I understand that politicians are supposed to lead but unfortunately we have few leaders amongst our politicians today but they think they know ALL. And remember every time a politician takes a decision he is looking over his shoulder at the next election, especially I am afraid Mr Trump. Shoot from the hip and see how many votes I can get. This crisis should be left to the Medical professionals to figure out what is best for us all and how to live to survive the “bug”.

Although we have lost over 6,000 unfortunate souls since the virus struck in January, how many unfortunate souls have we lost to other diseases during that period so we can put this in perspective before we all die from boredom, anxiety, lack of exercise or starvation. And almost every soul we do lose to Covid has “underlying health issues” but we never hear what issues. Anyway I wish you all the best and thought that the two ladies from PMH presenting at the Press Conference on ZNS on Sunday were excellent.



March 17, 2020


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