Rbpf Distributes Covid-19 Policies



THE Royal Bahamas Police Force has distributed its COVID-19 policies to officers, according to Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson.

He said the RBPF’s plan is in line with the government’s policies and has been handed to the minister of national security.

Commissioner Ferguson said: “We have distributed all of the policies that we have, that is placed directly in the hands of the acting deputy commissioner who has circulated (them) throughout the force. Next week there about, we (are) supposed to have somebody from the surveillance unit of Ministry of Health….being invited to come in and actually talk to our officers to make sure that we remain safe.

“You know we are a frontline group of men and women and so it is very, very important that we understand and get a full appreciation for how to protect ourselves first in order to serve the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.”

It was announced in Parliament yesterday that Governor General C A Smith issued a proclamation of emergency on Tuesday. When asked how the force will ensure the island is properly patrolled if a curfew was implemented, he responded: “The patrolling of the island is the remit of the commissioner of police and the police will be doing their jobs as usual.”

Sonny Miller, executive chairman of the Police Staff Association, told The Tribune the association has fully endorsed the RBPF policies; although he could not speak about the details of the commissioner’s policy, he encouraged all officers to read them.

He said: “...It is very vital and it’s important and it can really help in keeping us safe during this very serious time that we’re faced in this country.”

He said police officers are ready to serve the country in this time of need.

“We know when the country needs us, it’s time for us to step up…..we’re used to this stuff - this ain’t nothing new to us.

“... We don’t cry but we know that when our country needs us, not just our country, our families, our neighbours, our brothers and sisters. When that time arises, we’re ready for it.”


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