Letters: See The Danger And Put The Coffin On Hold

EDITOR, The Tribune

BAHAMIANS are complaining about government’s restrictions on their activities, while America’s president is fighting to lift the severe business restrictions in the US to preserve the strength of the almighty dollar — obviously to secure his own re-election!

Many Bahamians see the wisdom of government’s curtailing their activities to fight the devastating corona virus, while others complain. However, when one follows the path of this killer disease, and the results of China’s immediate and seemingly effective action in the town of Wuhan, where it all began, our government, with far fewer resources, is justified in taking these seemingly draconian measures to save Bahamian lives.

The number of new infections reported in China has been declining, indicating to World Health Organisation officials that transmission there was slowing and that China’s containment measures were working. The panic has now moved to Europe and the US – and The Bahamas.

The following is part of an account written by Ching-Ching Ni, editor in chief of the Chinese website at the New York Times. Mrs Ni spent more than eight weeks in isolation in Beijing with her husband and two daughters as China launched one of the most aggressive efforts to fight the virus.

On March 23 she wrote: “After eight weeks of social isolation and working from home, I stepped outside for the first time to a changed world. Everyone wore a mask, from kids jumping rope to couples out on dates. Even customers sipping coffee had their masks around their necks.

“Many businesses are open again, but with signs that say ‘do not enter without a mask.’ One restaurant told customers to remove masks only when eating.

A friend tried to take off his mask in a park. A cop appeared out of nowhere to demand that he cover up again.

“Maybe China’s draconian measures are working. Everything seems both back to normal and never the same. Until the rest of the world is out of the woods, let’s keep hunkering down and do all we can to make sure we get through this together,” she wrote.

It is best for Bahamians to recognise the danger, follow the rules and put the inevitable coffin on hold.



March 24, 2020


Well_mudda_take_sic 6 months ago

The letter above wreaks of Red Chinese misinformation and propaganda that is sprouting up everywhere. Thankfully President Trump has exposed the ruthless Xi Jinping led communist regime for what it truly is - nothing but the most inhumane government on the planet, yes, even worse than North Korea.

The evil Xi-led communist regime will never reveal the number of deaths that it caused in Wuhan in a most brutal effort to save face to the rest of the world. They created and unleashed this Red China Virus on their own people and the rest of the world as part of an evil global experiment aimed at weakening the economies of the western democracies and destroying all of the freedoms associated with democracy that they hate so very much.

Fortunately it is now commonly known that Red China has infiltrated and poisoned the key leadership positions within most of the globalist organizations that are loaded with elitist bureaucrats who are all too easily bribed, in particular the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO). President Trump will now be working over-time to cut-off all of Red China's tentacles throughout the US, especially in leading research and development centres of every kind within American colleges/universities and US controlled corporations. The sleeping lion has finally been awakened and the dastardly red dragon will be no match for it in the long run.


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