Ministry Press Conference: No New Covid-19 Cases, 41 Patients Recovered

Dr Merceline Dahl-Regis speaks on Friday.

Dr Merceline Dahl-Regis speaks on Friday.

The Ministry of Health announced on Friday that there are no new confirmed cases of COVID-19, with the total number cases still at 96.

Speaking at the Ministry’s press conference, Dr Merceline Dahl-Regis said 41 patients have recovered so far and it’s been three weeks since a COVID-19 related death.

Also from the press conference:

• 183 residents were brought back to The Bahamas from Miami. 51 of those were taken to Grand Bahama and 132 to New Providence. Residents were permitted to travel only after being tested. One passenger presented a lab report showing a COVID-19 positive result. An investigation was launched for all in that party. All were swabbed and put in isolation, however two sets of tests reported negative. Dr Dahl-Regis said it is likely that the passenger was shedding the coronavirus when the test was initially taken. The interval was 10 days and health officials were satisfied that passenger posed no risk. However, Dr Dahl-Regis said that doesn't justify the passenger coming on the flight.

• The Ministry of Health has chosen a web and mobile app called Hubbcat which provides a 24-hour monitoring service for those in home quarantine. It provides geofencing which programmes virtual boundaries. Any information collected remains anonymous for purposes of privacy. The app is also able to monitor those who fall ill while in quarantine.

• Dr Dahl-Regis says they are confident that once the Bimini lockdown is completed they will have successfully curtailed the spread of the virus on the island.

• The Ministry of Health is receiving a lot of requests from Family Island residents wanting to return home from New Providence. Protocol for this is set to be outlined by the Prime Minister at his national address this weekend.

• Strict preventative measures are in place at the Bahamas Department of Corrections with masks in place, limitations on visitors, hand hygiene and new inmates quarantined for two weeks. Officers who interact with prisoners are required to wear masks.

• With regards to funerals, funeral directors can follow the protocols to remain safe on the job – burials or cremations can take place under the terms of the emergency order. The public are encouraged to avoid kissing or touching bodies prepared for burial.


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