Bimini Adjusting To Life Under Lockdown


Island Administrator Cleola Pinder.



RESIDENTS of Bimini are no longer anxious, but adjusting well to life in COVID-19 lockdown, according to Island Administrator Cleola Pinder.

The island has been under a strict 14-day lockdown since Monday.

“Everybody is indoors,” said Ms Pinder. “The streets are very quiet. Everyone who needs food or anything else, we are taking care of it right away. So I think the residents are comfortable now and not as anxious as they were prior to the lockdown. They realise now that it’s not so restrictive. We are not stopping emergencies, all you have to do is log your movements with the police.”

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, announcing the lockdown last week, said the measure was “absolutely necessary” to slow and control the community spread of COVID-19 on the island.

Bimini has had one death, due to the virus and 13 cases, up to press time.

“A lockdown like this is not something that would have been preferred, but it is absolutely necessary because things will get worse on Bimini if we don’t take this strong measure immediately,” Dr Minnis said last Thursday. “Had it not been for the weather we are experiencing now, the lockdown would have been sooner.”

At the time, Dr Minnis assured residents that there would be sufficient food and medicine and various measures were being taken to ensure safety of workers and residents, including additional police on the island.

“We are making sure that persons are not at a disadvantage because of the lock down,” Ms Pinder continued. “Certain things are still happening. We do have a freight charter flight that’s coming in today (Wednesday) so our essential care volunteers will be the ones who take care of that. We have two gentlemen who will go and collect the freight and deliver it to those who would have made the order. So it’s not so restrictive and residents are a bit more comfortable.”

Giving examples of how organised the island is for the lockdown, Ms Pinder noted that those on Bimini who are unable to feed themselves will not have to worry, as they will not be left out.

“We are preparing hot meals today for those persons who may not have the means to cook,” she said. “We are going to issue hot meals to those persons for the next ten days. I’ve already assigned someone to prepare the food. I think curried chicken is on the menu today. We are making sure that every need is met. For example, a few persons had situations where their (cooking) gas ran out and what we did was establish a credit with the gas company and one of my essential care volunteers picked up the tank from them and took it to the person.”

As for Ms Pinder, she said she was actually just staying home, manning the helm and delegating so that each task was taken care of.

“We have someone to do each task, so it’s not a burden on any one person,” said Ms Pinder. “So things are running quite smoothly. The residents pretty much understand that if they have a need we are going to get it for them and so they are not as anxious as before.”

She acknowledged there was a “little hiccup” at the start of lockdown. She said the boat coming in from Grand Bahama, laden with the island’s essentials, was late and it created chaos as it was dark, they couldn’t see and to make matters worse, the rain came down. The start time for the lockdown had to be pushed back by two hours as a result.


ohdrap4 4 months, 1 week ago

So I think the residents are comfortable now and not as anxious as they were prior to the lockdown. ”

Good. Soon coming to another island.


SandsShawn 4 months, 1 week ago

Bimini/Biminites will regroup, retool and come out of this stronger than most would like to think.


geostorm 4 months, 1 week ago

Good job Bimini👏👏. You are showing the rest of the Bahamas what team work and cooperation looks like. It makes for a smooth operation.


Jim 4 months, 1 week ago

Studies from U.S. prove that lockdowns do not control the spread of the Chinese virus, they do hurt the people by diminishing theiir spirits, wiping out their self esteem as their jobs are gone and no longer able to support their families, and decrease the functionally of their immune system.

There are evidence based studies that lockdowns take away self esteem, create sociall isolation and decrease the functionality of the immune systems response to any diseases, ."I think the residents are not as anxious," per Pinder, is not a scientific study.

Supporting the concept that lockdowns don't work is over the past six weeks, Bimini, being lockdown on weekends, was lockdown for 34% of the 7 day week and the numbers show it wasn't working so why increase the restrictions to 66% more of the time. Open the island and let the healthy people people resume their lives and dignity and get back the jobs they still may have instead of getting governmental handouts, although they are free, they will cost the Bahamas.

It may all be a numbers game in the end, two weeks later (without any PCR testing), there will be zero cases showing how good the lockdown was and Minnis will not have to shake his finger and glare at the unruly Biminites. Biminites need to regain control of your island.


thomas 4 months, 1 week ago

Biminites never had control of the island, not financially anyway. Without tourists there is no money. Rid the island of cases of covid and hope the tourists return.

If being locked in for 2 weeks will take away your self esteem, you didn't have much to begin with.


Jim 4 months, 1 week ago

Apparently Thomas, you had no self esteem yourself to not recognize that it is detrimental for the bread winner of a family to lose their job, to keep their children in a postage stamp size yard, to not to be able to have family or friend get togethers, to take government handoits willingly, to ration their food supply. Tourists are not going to want to return to North Bimini, your government has made this the hot spot, the contaminated zone, the unclean island and unfortunately the Biminites willingly agree to the ridiculous removal of all rights based on what mindcontrol beliefs their government has imposed on them. Everyone makes choicrs, apparentlt this island choose to turn belly up.


thomas 4 months, 1 week ago

90% of the residents have no jobs to go to. Unemployed and ill with the virus or stay at home, which do you think is more detrimental?


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