Chinese Community Helps Out With 200 Care Packages



THE Chinese Community Association of The Bahamas gave out 200 care packages yesterday at local churches as a part of the group’s humanitarian aid programme.

This effort is being coordinated with the association, the Bahamas National Food Security Task Force which and the Bahamas Red Cross. One hundred parcels were delivered to Calvary Deliverance Church on East Street South and another at New Covenant Baptist Church.

Susie Chan, a committee member, explained that appeals were to members in the community to give donations — either money, goods, or volunteering.

“We, as a community, we see that there’s a need in the community. People are hurting. People are worrying about the food and we got together as a community with donations from different business and we are bagging some care packages which consists of things like rice, grits, tuna, mackerel, corned beef, some noodles, some fresh milk, just basic things that we could give to families that are need,” she said.

In some parts of the world, racism against Chinese people has been reported due to the COVID-19 virus originating from Wuhan, China last year. Yet, Mrs Chan revealed the members of the association have not experienced that in The Bahamas.

She said: “We’re aware of these situations happening across the world but fortunately in Nassau and The Bahamas you know we haven’t had any members of our society come and say ‘Hey, we’re being discriminated (against).’ We know that maybe some people might have unrelated incidents or one or two incidents but in general as a whole we feel that there’s no discrimination going on here in The Bahamas.”

Also present were members of the Bahamas Red Cross helping on site with the association. The Red Cross’ Director General Sean Brennen called the act “an excellent example” of a community partner stepping forward in assisting those who are in despair, especially during this pandemic.

Calvary Deliverance Church Senior Pastor Bishop James Newry expressed his gratitude for the contributions.

“With the amount (of people) laid off in our country, the amount of unemployment and our closure of businesses, Bahamians are hurting and so we’re commanded in scripture to show our love and these are one of the ways we show our love and I want to thank these wonderful group of people for presenting these packages and I know that their lives will be touch in very special way.”


JokeyJack 7 months, 4 weeks ago

We have a Chinese Community Association? How can we get rid of it?


DDK 7 months, 4 weeks ago

Thank you for your contribution CCAOTB! Trust you will ignore the negative comments of the bigots.


JokeyJack 7 months, 3 weeks ago

"Bigots" implies racism. My comment has nothing to do with racism. The actions of the Chinese government in the south china sea and their actions in buying up vast swaths of American farmland, the Empire State Building, the Crystal Palace on Cable Beach, and our central hotel in Nassau (the british colonial) and building an enormous structure right next to it using an untabulated number of Chinese workers, along with their moves to control the food supply in the inner cities of Nassau and in every way seeking to expand control of the world (which would of course become Communist), is the reason for my comment.
If you want to live in a communist country, then apply for residency with the appropriate office in Beijing; go there and live happy.


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