Microsoft partners with Bahamian founded non-profit for social impact webinar

A Bahamian-founded non-profit, HAP, is organising a high level impact webinar in conjunction with Microsoft to collaborate and share thoughts on a world disrupted by COVID-19. Eager to further the conversation on surviving and thriving post a pandemic in The Bahamas, the public is invited to join in on the session.

HAP, which stands for 'Harness All Possibilities', was founded by Bahamian finance professional Rhonda Eldridge. HAP provides the network, information and tools for in-transition professionals to explore, adapt and embrace a growth mindset for 21st century engagement. The organisation successfully hosted a blockchain-focused youth hackathon and conference last August drawing over 200 student participants at Windsor School.

The upcoming webinar will outline the point of departure to a radically different future via four areas championed by award-winning global futurist and webinar guest speaker, Rohit Talwar. Talwar, while promoting his new book, Aftershocks and Opportunities - Surviving and Thriving During and After the Pandemic, will share possible challenges, shifts and scenarios that could emerge post the pandemic across society and social policy, government and governance, and business and technology.

Talwar explains: "A crisis can be the ideal time to reset our thinking, refocus our strategy, and try new ideas to lay the foundations for a sustainable future.

"We're standing in the middle of the unfolding pandemic surveying the chaos it's causing. However, simply focusing on the present isn't enough. This collection of 25 future-thinkers understand the importance of thinking about the next horizon and beyond. This can help ensure that the decisions we make today do not simply lay the foundation for a new set of problems tomorrow."

Bahamian business leaders, entrepreneurs and other guests are invited to hear Rohit Talwar share knowledge, tips and also ask any questions following the session.

The online meet up will take place on Saturday June 13th, 2020 at 1pm EST. Interested persons could register today by visiting www.harnessap.org


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