Iyeasha’S Blooming Adventure


Iyeasha Williams-Storr believes in the eloquence of flowers.


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This year, thanks to a global pandemic, we have found ourselves spending more time in our homes than ever before. So it’s important that the space we now use for living, working, and in many cases, even teaching our children, is comfortable, welcoming, and yes, attractive.

To help you make your home more attractive, or to celebrate special seasons and occasions while staying safe inside, Iyeasha Williams-Storr suggests bringing a bit of nature indoors by adding floral arrangements to the décor.

Iyeasha, who is the daughter of famed Bahamian musician Ira Storr, just recently got into the florist business with her brand called The Bloomroom.

“Our floral arrangements are in great demand as people are still finding it in them to celebrate special occasions this year. We aim to produce great work with our unique and contemporary style of floral work. We also intend to never stop identifying with new floral inspiration and doing our best to bring it to fruition here in the country,” she told Tribune Woman.

In addition to floral arrangements, Iyeasha said she hopes people find joy in decorating their homes with balloons, arches, centrepieces, garlands, and in the lead-up to the Yuletide season, with Christmas wreaths and other decorations.

“As a wife and mother I take great pleasure in always doing what I can to be innovative and creative with my personal and business life. This year has been rough for many but it has been a blessing for me to still be able to put a smile on people’s face with my God-given talent and creativity. And even though I have a long way to go, I am extremely grateful,” she said.

Using her own home as a template, Iyeasha said an example of decorating for the holiday season could be placing an eye-catching centrepiece in the entryway of residence or room.

“People can also place (flowers) in a stand-out vase as an accent to the décor. Flowers are refreshing to look at and in my opinion flowers speak words that people can’t say,” said Iyeasha.

In addition to making people’s homes look more attractive, she also wants them to smell better. She is planning to achieve this with her upcoming Blooming Candle Collection.

Even when times are hard for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs, Iyeasha said all you need is someone who believes in you and your ideas.

“The mother is also a professional nail technician and owner of a local hair bonnet company. I always tell persons who want to start a business, it only takes one person to believe in you, and you start from there. All great things take time. You will have to fall and get back up again, but it all helps build your character,” she said.


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