Atlantis Guests Won’T Face Tests

GUESTS registered at Atlantis resort will not be required to undergo multiple COVID-19 tests once they remain confined to the Paradise Island “safe zone” for the duration of their stay.

The information, published on mega resort’s website under its “Frequently asked questions” page, noted that visitors will not have to take a second COVID-19 test five days after arrival once they remain in the safe zone and follow all of the resort’s safety protocols.

“The safe zone is an enhanced COVID-19 screened area to protect the residents, guests, team members, and other Paradise Island visitors,” the resort said on its website.

“Registered guests whom vacation/stay in the safe zone for the entire duration of their stay do not have to undergo multiple testing, unlike other properties in The Bahamas, where additional COVID testing is required upon arrival and again on day five.”

However, the resort also explained that guests wanting to take the antigen test on the fifth day can still do so, adding it will be “free of charge”.

As it relates to residents and visitors arriving from New Providence, Atlantis says they “will be required to provide a negative Rapid Antigen test result within seven days of entry.”

Meanwhile, “Bahamas residents not from New Providence Island will be required to provide a valid domestic travel health visa issued by the Bahamas Ministry of Health.”

The country’s latest travel protocols mandates that visitors and returning residents entering the country must present a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test no older than five days and have an approved Bahamas health travel visa.

While travellers are no longer required to take a COVID-19 rapid antigen test upon arrival, they must still do so on the fifth day of their visit (unless departing on day five).

It is not clear whether the mega resort was granted permission to scrap the fifth day testing requirement for its guests. Neither government nor hotel officials could be contacted for comment.

Although guests are no longer required to take a rapid antigen test on the fifth day, Atlantis says they will still have to adhere to the property’s COVID-19 protocols.

This will include taking a thermal scan to ensure normal body temperatures and following the physical distancing protocols.

Guests over the age of two also will be required to wear a mask. However, mask wearing will not be required “while lying at the beach, swimming in the pools, riding the Aquaventure slides, or eating and drinking.”

In the event a guest tests positive, Atlantis says it “will activate established incident response protocols. Any exposed areas will be extensively cleaned and disinfected.”

It added: “Contact tracing is part of the protocol, so if a suspected or confirmed case does occur, we will notify the Surveillance Unit of The Bahamas Ministry of Health. Atlantis’ Health and Safety team and security personnel are trained to respond quickly in the event of an incident.”

Last week, Atlantis confirmed it will begin its phased re-opening on December 10 via the return of the Royal Towers, The Reef and Harbourside timeshare complexes.

The 200-acre Paradise Island mega resort, in a statement, said amenities and attractions that will open include the casino, Dolphin Cay marine habitat and its 50,000 aquatic animals, marina, Mandara spa, Ocean Club Golf Course, restaurants such as Nobu and Todd English’s Olives, the Marina Village and Crystal Court shops.


tribanon 2 months, 1 week ago

This is laughable outright discrimination against all Bahamians by Minnis and D'Aguilar who regard tourists, in particular guests of Atlantis, to be the real first class citizens of The Bahamas. Minnis and D'Aguilar don't even try to hide this fact anymore. Instead they are now bold enough to throw in our faces their view that the vast majority of us Bahamians should be treated as second class ciizens in our own country. They do the same with their foreign investor friends, i.e. roll out the red carpet for them while telling us to behave or be locked down, or even worse - possibly sent to prison!


whogothere 2 months, 1 week ago

Insane - why not do the same for any other small out island. The hypocrisy is growing... We know covid is not a dangerous disease, IFR have plummeted. CDC has it lower than flu now for most age brackets under 70, but putting 3000 tourist Together with 7000 bahamian doesn’t t seem smart by their own standards...Personally I think it’s all bull shit, Costa Rica got rid of Pre testing weeks ago without issue...as long as people aren’t hanging out in poorly ventilated places or slubbering over one another RO is going to be low...and yeah this thing is just flu 2.0.


TalRussell 2 months, 1 week ago

I hardly voiced but X 4 sometin' weeks ago that soon comin' a time when natives be's required to obtain a Visa prior to sailing, swimmin' or flyin' from out island to out island.
Now in works where goin' be required to produce a valid must-have Work or Visitor Visa to cross over the bridge from Nassau to Paradise Island. Are similar restrictions in the red cabinet's works restrict the movement of the PopoulasOrdinary at large POAL from gaining entry into certain designated Cable Beach and Lyford Cay areas? Shakehead once for upyeahvotesoon be wearing we marchin' berets, twice for not, just yet?


Amused 2 months, 1 week ago

Next no hotels or tourists will be required to take the 2nd test only Bahamians just watch. This buffoons and idiots with suits really don't have a clue


TalRussell 2 months, 1 week ago

My Comrade Amused, not even slightly amused until provided constitutionally acceptable relief reason why was it that the House-elected redcoat MP for Bimini, had have taken a flight out Nassau to fly off pay a visit to Bimini accompanied her traveling caravan show in tow? Shakehead once for upyeahvote, hopes her and traveling caravan, did all first had obtained their respective inter-island travel visas, twice for no makin' this up?


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