Editorial: Good Riddance To A Building Long Past Its Best

IT’S the end of an era – and not before time.

The demolition of the old General Post Office on East Hill Street began yesterday. It will not be missed. An ugly carbuncle on the landscape, its horrendous appearance outside was matched by an interior that had long passed its best before date.

The Tribune’s reporters would often hear tales of workers having to put up with mould, or burst water pipes damaging mail – even staff having to fight off rats in the building.

It’s been a long time since its better years, but even then it was an unattractive building out of keeping with the landscape around it.

More than anything, as those years went by, it seemed such a waste of a location too. It took up such a huge amount of space near Downtown, rather than using that space for something that could spark the development of the whole area.

You can understand why Downtown Nassau managing director Ed Fields was so excited to see the start of its removal.

“When you look at the port, the demolition of the Post Office building and the Central Bank to come, it’s major works being done for Downtown and it can only have a positive impact on the smaller businesses going forward,” he said.

“This is monumental stuff to see this level of transformation. We’ve been crying out for many, many years to revitalise Downtown and this is the earnest commencement of that.”

It is just a beginning, but one that we’ve been longing to see. If other developments can help the whole area to flourish, we look forward to a Downtown where retailers are battling to secure spaces rather than seeing empty units grow by the week. We look forward to streets where retailers keep those units in good condition, rather than seeing fading shop fronts and decaying balconies.

This is also a great time to get these developments done – when things have ground to a halt otherwise. It puts money in construction worker’s pockets and avoids disruption to the tourist economy.

Well done, all round. Let this be the spark to encourage others to continue the transformation.

Drop in the bucket

The Minister of Social Services, Frankie Campbell, said that 1,000 of those who applied for rental assistance will be given $1,200 this month.

That may sound substantial – but it is a one-off payment. He said this assistance is given only once a year.

We all know how much rent costs – so this is little more than a drop in the bucket for many who have been hoping such assistance might keep the roof literally over their head.

Mr Campbell admitted the policy might need review. He said he hoped rental assistance would have been an agreement between the landlord and the tenant – but “we realise that didn’t work out and so we have been processing rental assistance”.

The outcome is a bill of $1.2m for the government – but it won’t help many tenants for long.

This money will only bail out some of the amount owed for many residents – so the question is what comes next?

Admitting the policy might need reviewed won’t pay next month’s rent, or the month after. In short, time to work out what to do, and do so in a hurry. We don’t want to see people finding no shelter over Christmas.


John 1 week ago

Will be interesting bro see how it will now be utilized with the adjacent Victoria Gardens by the central bank. Will there be a sky bridge joining two buildings or will one of the properties be a multi level parking lot? And what about the site for a future Post Office. Will there ever be one or will the government be paying Brent Symnonette into peptuity?


realitycheck242 1 week ago

John See the link for the new Central Bank design. If the PLP returns to power they will revive their old plans to finish build a new post office on the old Independence shopping center property. There is pending litigation in court over the uncompleted construction there.



Proguing 6 days, 23 hours ago

With Biden President it won't be long before we are back on the OECD blacklist and this new building will be half empty, as there will only be a few offshore banks left to supervise. This will be another big money losing operation for the government.


ThisIsOurs 5 days, 11 hours ago

offshore banks started dying off from as early as 2008 nothing to do with Joe Biden. mainly due to practices in the banks themselves that eventually caught up to them. From way back then the specilation was that in a few years the mega banks (in the Bshamas at least) would fall down to a few small boutique operations. The steady exit and downsize has been consistent. We cant operate like pirates with shady accounting practices and not expect them to send in the Royal Navy to investigate the 28 million on the books


The_Oracle 6 days, 3 hours ago

That monumental eyesore was built to overshadow the Old Vic, which was left abandoned with the intention of erasing the memory of its era. Erase your past, good and bad, you consign yourselves to a bleak future.


sheeprunner12 5 days, 20 hours ago

The Parliament/PM Office should be placed on that site ......... but a new CBOB is a close second


Sickened 5 days, 18 hours ago

I understand now that the new CBOB is going where the post office is and not in Victoria Gardens anymore.


ThisIsOurs 5 days, 11 hours ago

Downtown "transformation": The Pointe looks like a big dull gigantic barn.There is nothing redeeming about the building. It looks like a cheap strip mall jam up in a lil corner. Whoever approved that design Should be ashamed of themselves.


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