Officers Survive Shotgun Shooting


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TWO police officers were shot in Abaco after responding to a domestic dispute on the island late Tuesday morning.

According to police Press Liaison Officer ASP Audley Peters, the incident happened shortly before noon in the Pelican Shores, Marsh Harbour area – a quiet community hard hit by Hurricane Dorian last year where crime is infrequent.

Police said shortly after officers arrived on the scene they were approached by a man, “believed to be involved in a dispute.”

“He produced a shotgun and shot two of the responding officers. One was shot in the stomach and face, the other was shot in the stomach. The officers drove themselves to the clinic and are being treated for their injuries described as non-threatening,” police said.

The suspect was also shot, and as a result, had to be taken to a local clinic.

Sources told The Tribune Tuesday he later had to be airlifted to New Providence for further medical treatment. However, this was not confirmed by police up to press time.

Sources also told The Tribune that one of the injured officers is the chief superintendent for the Marsh Harbour district and the other is a police corporal.

The incident elicited a reaction from Abaco residents on social media, with some observers expressing shock and disappointment about the crime situation there.

“Abaco is going crazy after Dorian.. so sad what’s happening,” said one Facebook user.

In Abaco there have been several police-involved shootings this year.

In May, a man who attempted to “chop” police with a machete, was shot and killed by officers on the island.

According to initial reports, police were responding to a dispute involving neighbours in the Dundas Town community when they were attacked by a man with a machete, prompting officers to open fire after “being in fear of their lives.”

Weeks later, an American boat captain had to be detained by police after opening fire on officers during a tense standoff on Green Turtle Cay.

At the time, police said the shooting incident followed a heated argument between the captain and two Customs officers and a Customs broker, who alleged he was owed money by the ship’s captain.

However, there were no injuries reported in that incident.


ThisIsOurs 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Was this a white resident? Was the machete wielder black? Interesting that the machete wielder wasnt reported to have hurt anyone but was killed.

Just asking. Baffled as to how a man shoots 2 officers and is still alive but young unarmed men are being shot just for breathing. Not that I want this man to have been killed either but... it's time for the commissioner to stop sugar coating the blue on black genocide. See the police officer who had to shield her daughter from police abuse? Stop it before its your son or grandson


DDK 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Not to mention the man who was recentlly shot at in Abaco through his vehicle back windshield for fleeing police goons to evade fines for violating minnis imposed curfew...


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