84 New Cases And Three More Deaths As Surge Continues

EIGHTY-FOUR additional COVID-19 cases were recorded on Wednesday along with three more deaths.

Of the new cases, there were 77 in New Providence, one in Abaco, one in Exuma, one in Grand Bahama, and seven cases listed as location pending.

“It is important to note that for newly confirmed cases results of samples were recorded 24 to 48 hours after the swabbing date,” the Ministry of Health said.

“During another data cleaning exercise, it was discovered that three cases were from the island of New Providence and not from the island of Andros. Hence, the three cases were subtracted from Andros, marked with an asterisk and added to the total confirmed cases for New Providence.”

The death toll is now 130. The new deaths include a 75-year-old New Providence man who died on October 20, a 52-year-old Abaco man who died on October 21 and an 80-year-old New Providence man who died on October 20.

There are 102 cases in hospital, 91 of which are listed as moderately ill while 11 cases are in the ICU.

Up to press time, 3,705 people have recovered with 72 of them listed as recovered on Wednesday.

Health officials said 32,666 tests have been completed. Four hundred and twenty-four of them were completed on Wednesday. Of that figure, there were 84 positive tests.


Porcupine 1 month ago

So long as our Ministry of Health refuses to tell us who and where these cases are, we will all remain ignorant of the most important aspect of keeping ourselves safe. The Ministry of Health is helping the surge continue. They are part of the problem.


Honestman 1 month ago

A 20% positivity rate on tests taken is way too high and shows we are no where near having the virus under control.


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