Man Who Dragged Ex-Girlfriend Onto Road During Row Fined $500


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 30-year-old man, accused of dragging his former girlfriend on the road during an argument earlier this month, was yesterday fined $500.

Police arrested Kristian McSweeney after he was accused of harming his ex-girlfriend on October 7.

The court was told that the woman was at her residence on the morning in question, when she was assaulted by McSweeney. She told police when the accused arrived at her home he pushed her, causing her to fall on a bottle which resulted in her receiving lacerations to one of her knees.

She also claimed that the accused started to slap and punch her while telling her “You been sleeping out!”

The woman said McSweeny dragged her along the street causing her dress to tear off her body and causing her to suffer injuries to her knee, left forearm and neck. As a result of her complaint, McSweeney was arrested. In an interview with police, he said he met his ex-girlfriend outside that day and claimed he only pushed her because she pushed him first.

When given an opportunity to speak, McSweeney denied dragging his ex-girlfriend on the road. Instead, he told the magistrate the woman shoved him so he shoved her back. He claimed this action caused both of them to fall near a garbage bin where a lot of broken glass bottles were on the ground.

He insisted he did not intend to push his ex-girlfriend into the garbage, but was only trying to get her away from him.

After listening to McSweeney’s explanation, Magistrate Armbrister accepted his guilty plea and fined him $500. He warned him if he didn’t pay the fine, he would spend four months behind bars.

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