Watch Out - More Bad Weather On The Way


Tribune Staff Reporter


THUNDERSTORMS and showers are forecast to linger for the next few days into Monday, according to local meteorologist Shezelle Mather.

Over the past week, New Providence has been experiencing heavy downpours causing flooding in low lying and flood prone areas. The meteorologist explained some low to upper level troughs have been creating showers and thunderstorms across the area.

“What troughing does is it sets up atmospheric dynamics whereas you have…. moisture and the atmosphere is more unstable and that instability causes showers and thunderstorms to be created,” she said.

“Those showers and thunderstorms are going to linger around for the next few days into Monday or Tuesday with some isolated showers mostly concentrated around the northwest and central islands.

“By next Tuesday, Wednesday it looks like a lot of the moisture should be out of the area and we should be expecting some small drying conditions, however the further out your forecast is the less accurate the forecast it is.”

Throughout the weekend, it is expected to be partly cloudy skies but some isolated showers and thunderstorms, some of which could be heavy at times, are also predicted.

While Ms Mather could not predict the amount of rainfall expected, she said it should not be anything “too significant”.

Limited rain is expected this morning.


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