Burglary Suspect Shot By Police

A HOUSEBREAKING suspect was taken to hospital after he was shot by police on Thursday.

Police said shortly after 8pm officers responded to a call about a housebreaking in progress on St Charles Vincent Street, south of Balfour Avenue. On the officers arrival at the scene, they surveyed the premises and heard the sound of movement coming from a northern section of the building. With their service weapons drawn, the officers identified themselves and asked the suspect to come out of the building, a police report said.

“The movement continued, however, after several demands, one of the officers observed a figure exiting the door of the building with what appeared to be a silver object pointed in their direction. The officers being cognizant of the imminent threat pose to their lives, discharged their firearm in the direction of the suspect who was then incapacitated.

“The officers then discovered that the suspect was an adult male, they recovered a knife from him. He was later transported to the hospital via Emergency Medical Services where he is listed in stable condition,” police said.

Another man is in hospital after he was shot after 3pm on Friday.

Police were called to First Street between Palmetto and Coconut Grove Avenue, and on their arrival, they found a man with gunshot wounds. He informed the officers that while getting out of his vehicle a man approached him from behind and shot him several times before fleeing the scene.

The victim was taken to the hospital by paramedics. At last report, he was listed in critical condition.

Investigations continue into both matters.


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