64 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday

SIXTY-FOUR additional COVID-19 cases were recorded yesterday, bringing the total to 2,721, according to the Ministry of Health.

There are 1,780 confirmed cases in New Providence; 591 in Grand Bahama; 95 in Abaco; 54 in Bimini; 23 in Exuma; 16 in Inagua; 15 in the Berry Islands; eight cases each in Cat Island, Eleuthera and Long Island; seven in Acklins; five in Crooked Island and three each in Andros and Mayaguana. There are 105 confirmed cases with “locations pending”.

Of the newest cases, 55 are in New Providence, two in Grand Bahama, three each in Crooked Island and Inagua while there is one new case in Mayaguana.

Earlier yesterday, officials said 72 cases had been recorded on Tuesday along with four COVID-related deaths.

The deaths include a 46-year-old New Providence woman, who died on August 31; a 71-year-old New Providence woman who died August 26; a 61-year-old Exuma man who died on August 30 and a 63-year-old New Providence woman who died August 26.

An additional non-COVID related death was also confirmed in Tuesday’s data.

“This reduces the number of deaths under investigation to ten, increases the non-COVID related deaths to eight, and the death toll now stands at 63,” the ministry said.

Officials said 13,971 tests have been completed to date.


DWW 3 years ago

what is a noncovid related death and why are we counting them? did i miss something in class teacher?


Honestman 3 years ago

I believe a noncovid related death is someone who has been tested positive for covid who subsequently dies but covid is deemed not to have been the cause of death.


MrsQ 3 years ago

That's it exactly. It's still counted in the overall total cases because it's a positive test result, but it's not counted as a COVID death.


tribanon 3 years ago

But if a pre-existing condition is aggravated and made fatal by the deadly Communist China Virus, then the resulting death should be attributed to Covid-19 and not the pre-existing condition.


joeblow 3 years ago

... even more interesting is that I recently found out that autopsies are not being performed on suspected COVID cases, so how do they know what caused the death?? This is just an attempt to keep the deaths from the virus as low as possible. Minnis did the same thing in 2012 with dengue. People were dying WITH dengue, not FROM dengue. The official death toll for deaths from dengue was 1 !!


sangeej 3 years ago

When will people start to behaving? After they have given everyone this COVID?


MrsQ 3 years ago

Some people refuse to believe it's a problem until it happens to them or their family.


Amused 3 years ago

Interesting how the 105 pending or pending cases for that matter hasn't gone down at all


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