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THROUGH HER web-based TV show titled Empowering Queens TV, Bahamian women Duquesa Dean is steady supporting and encouraging ladies to pursue their dreams, overcome limitations and to shatter boundaries in their lives.

As an author, her books focus on helping women develop the skills needed to reclaim their power and to rebuild their lives.

Her newest quarterly publication, called “The Evolving Woman”, is devoted to personal growth for women of all ages. Its goal is to support all aspects of a woman’s life. Duquesa believes as a result of reading this magazine, women will feel more powerful, have more power, and own their power.

“Our content features articles about personal triumph, health, beauty, soul care, family life, relationship and so much more. The magazine is a part of a platform of products focused on helping women unearth, own, and use their power. The product suite includes The Evolving Woman Magazine, The Evolving Woman Affirmation Guidebook, The Evolving Woman Twenty-One-Day Journey to 'Stop Apologising and Start Living' and The Evolving Woman Video Affirmation Series,” said Duquesa.

She said the inspiration for name of the Evolving Woman Product Suite is because women are ever-evolving. At various stages of a woman’s life, Duquesa said women often focus on different things which are all framed by the experiences they have had up to that point. And each decade of their lives requires a new level of themselves.

“The digital magazine is a first for me. It is ecstatic to watch the magazine come to life. It’s an amazing feeling to use another platform to focus on building women, healing women, equipping women, etc. Elle Clarke helped with the design and layout of the magazine. With her guidance, the final product is something I am in love with."

All of the content is realistic. The specific message is that regardless of the experiences we face, we have the power to turn any situation into a source of power that we can use to recreate ourselves aka evolve. There is no limit to have many times we can evolve,” said Duquesa.

She said the contributors in the magazine have all shared advice, tips and tools that are relevant to women. Contributors include Dr Ghandi Knowles-Thompson, Jori Mundy, Simmone L Bowe, Sandena Neely, Dr Giavana Jones and Raquel Clarke. Featured articles include topics such as building your village, turning tragedy into triumph, COVID-19 self-care tips, living creatively, resiliency and soul care.

Topics in the affirmation booklet and video include: Day One - Acceptance of Your Truth, Day Two – Being Aware, Day Three - Making Choices, Day 4 - Facing Fears, Day 5 - Affirming Yourself, Day 6 - Being Courageous, Day 7 - Forgiveness, Day 8 - Loneliness, Day 9 - Letting Go, Day 10 - Purpose, Day 11 - Reflections, Day 12 - Inner Circle, Day 13 - Trust, Day 14 - Self-Love, Day 15 - Gratitude, Day 16 - Faith, Day 17 - Love, Day 18 - Failure, Day 19 - Beliefs, Day 20 -Seeing Your Value, and Day 21 - Intentional Action.

“There is absolutely nothing in this edition of the magazine I’d change. Our next publication is in December and will be about Christmas and goal setting for the new year. It will include dress and colour guides, food and recipes, holiday tips, etc. It will also feature advice for women who may be experiencing difficulties during holding season like mourning loss of loved ones,” said Duquesa.

As social distance practices were put into place these past few months, Duquesa said it stretched her to launch virtually and she was excited for this recent pivot, as it also stretched her outside of her comfort zone, challenging her to up level the experience.

“At the launch, all contributors gave away gifts. We had a spoken word artist share a piece on The Evolving Woman and some entertainment; a great night. Those who have participated in the affirmation journey have shared that as a result of the twenty-one-day journey, they believe more in themselves and in their worth, they also experience more peace in life and are excited to live limitlessly by removing self-limiting thoughts and beliefs,” said Duquesa.


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