Editorial: We Must Do All We Can To Stop Third Wave

THE concerns over mounting cases of COVID-19 continue – with 92 new cases over the holiday weekend.

However a third wave is defined, it’s clear to see our problems are increasing right now.

The worrying thing is not just the number of new cases, but the increasing number of hospitalisations.

Right now, 36 people are hospitalised – with three of those patients in intensive care. One of the biggest concerns for medical staff is ensuring there are enough facilities to care for those most in need.

Infectious disease expert Dr Nikkiah Forbes has warned that both cases and hospitalisations are “trending upward”.

Her advice – which given her expertise is well worth heeding – is to “follow the prevention measures because they are very effective, especially in view of variants that have been demonstrated to be more infectious”.

In short, keep doing what we’ve been doing – and don’t slacken off.

To repeat, that’s keeping a safe distance, wearing masks, only going out if you need to, avoiding gatherings. How about washing hands? Are we all still doing that as thoroughly as at the start of the pandemic? We’d best do so – it’s one of the steps to keeping ourselves and others safe.

Thankfully, we have another weapon in our arsenal these days. Vaccinations have been shown in studies in the UK to help reduce the number of hospitalisations. Over-60s can get their vaccinations this week, along with healthcare staff and uniformed personnel – so if you can get a jab, go get one. It protects you, and it reduces the risk all round.

In the face of these rising numbers, anything we can do to reduce the chances of spreading the virus will help stop a more devastating wave. To put it simply, you can save lives – and all it takes is doing what we have been doing already.

The last thing we want is to go backwards and have another shutdown – but if these numbers keep going up, we shouldn’t be surprised.

Justice delayed

On Good Friday, police say a man fired a gun at them. They fired on him and killed him.

There are questions, of course, as there always are in cases of police shootings, especially given the frequency with which they take place here in The Bahamas compared to other jurisdictions.

However, one of the key questions this time is why was the man who was shot, Patrick Bowe, there in the first place?

Mr Bowe was accused of a double murder and was out on bail.

Our court system has long been plagued by delays, and the pandemic has only made that worse.

Delays in court cases sometimes result in people who should be behind bars – given the severity of the crimes they are accused of – being released on bail because of the length of time they have been locked up.

Too often, The Tribune reports on court cases that take place many years after the original incident.

Sadly, equally plagued by delay is the coroner’s system – and so the case of Patrick Bowe will disappear into that particular dead end, itself slowed down even more by the pandemic too.

It is often said that justice delayed is justice denied.

In this instance, the families of those Mr Bowe was accused of killing may never get justice, never get answers. And right or wrong, we will be left waiting far too long for answers over his shooting by police.

The Bahamas deserves better than this justice in slow motion. We call this paradise... really?


TalRussell 1 week, 3 days ago

Comrade Editor, the concerns over mounting cases of COVID-19 continue – with 92 new cases over the holiday weekend - would not be accurate, if the data you're reporting on is two weeks behind, yes?


John 1 week, 3 days ago

Obviously you are misinformed about data being stale dated by two weeks. Go back and review , then revise your post maybe with an apology even.


TalRussell 1 week, 2 days ago

Obviously, anyone can say they see false and misleading data but can't point to why it is so, yes?


John 1 week, 3 days ago

This virus is like a hurricane: it has forward moment, it can speed up or slow down, change direction or intensify. But the certainty is it will end. And yes, human behavior and interaction will have it does have an effect on how long the virus lingers and the amount of damage it does. For certain the first part of hurricane COVID-19 had passed. The question is whether the eye of the virus is passing over (third wave) or has it already passed and it is the tail wains and spurts of the lingering outer bands that is being experienced. And remember the type of weather (virus) that is being experienced in Acklins or Inagua may not be felt in Grand Bahama or even Florida or New York. But the threat is still there and that is when Basil Dean or Daryl Miller will come on your radio it tv and say to you,‘don’t mind how the weather looks outside,the storm hasn’t fully passed yet. Stay in your homes or shelters and remain safe until the all clear is given.’ But you know how people go, Bahamians in particular. Curious Curiosity will get the best of them snd they will go a wandering and a exploring. Most will return home safe after a frolicking and a partying and a breaking all a da rules dem. But a Wat will dey bring back a home a with them? Stay safe Bahamas! Did a soon over!


carltonr61 1 week, 3 days ago

Has Covid made extinct the yearly flu, runny nose and pneumonia season just vanished and wiped them away? The Bahamas must fall in line with global lies made by elite economic think tanks. The script on Covid specific responce for governments was written long ago. It's execution to stop world economy was excellent. To reopen with digital universally recognized passports using Covid will bring waves of Covid gloom until it is universally implemented. Why a passport after vaccination that neither prevents and still allow one to be a Covid carrier and spreader.? Its all about New And Emerging Technology by means of global medical tyranny that will make those in critical high pleases rich forever. Any mention if when ever Covid has passed millions of travellers may still be paying below 1 $100.00 for manditory health insurance. Follow Covid but follow who gets kickbacks also and be wise to new greed.


professionalbahamian 1 week, 3 days ago

Absolute BS - push the vaccine for willing citizens and forget the garbage data, fear mongering, and crappy reporting.


SP 1 week, 3 days ago

The fact that governments unilaterally refused to acknowledge numerous scientist finding that Covid-19 was preventable with vitamins D, C, B, & Zink reeks of something sinister!

As always, the truth will come out in the end.


Bobsyeruncle 1 week, 2 days ago

Prevention & Treatment are 2 very different animals. Your list of vitamins are potentially (but scientifically unproven) treatments. Remember, those other drugs such as Chloroquine, Ivermectin, Remdesivir are potential treatments for people who have serious COVID. They do not stop you from contracting COVID, and to my knowledge no-one (including Trump) has ever claimed they can prevent COVID. Oh, and it's Zinc with a 'c'


FreeUs242 1 week, 3 days ago

I don't think their is a third wave in the Bahamas, they want ppl vaccinated like the rest of the world. I know it is a virus that can be cured with those vitamins for most. Jobs will start to require vaccines as employment document so it will be easier to take another bizarre fraud requirement. I worked on a cruise during the the start of corona shutdown. I was sick like a regular flu with a bad headache, runny nose etc... I took cups of milk, orange juice and eventually I fought whatever In the space of a week and days. Yes there is an actual pill on the market that they say infused with vitamin C but NO, the control freaks pushing for vaccines where they can manipulate ur genes.


FreeUs242 1 week, 3 days ago

I laugh at ppl saying oh those crazy conspiracy ppl but the virus sounds just as bad. A virus out of the cave of bats, more like man made to me.


tribanon 1 week, 2 days ago

Don't under-estimate the extent to which Communist China now has the University of the West Indies firmly wrapped in its long tentacles, especially its medical school. Sadly, all too many of our UWI trained doctors have long ago had their critical thinking skills supplanted by subtle CCP propaganda supported by other more devious and intense indoctrination techniques.


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