‘We Have To Exercise A Bit Of Faith In The Government’


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The new RT-PCR COVID-19 testing requirement for Eleuthera will have an impact on visitors coming to the island, but one airline executive said “we have to exercise a bit of faith in the government”.

Anthony Hamilton, Southern Air’s director of administration, told Tribune Business he just has to go with what the government is trying to accomplish with the travel restrictions to Eleuthera and, while it has impacted passengers booking flights, safety comes first. He said: “We rely on the guidance of the government because we are not specialists in that particular area. So, for the sake of a holistic and practical and relevant approach, we subscribe to the approach being taken by the government, predicated on what their experience is because we don’t have that expertise.”

“We have a reduced schedule now dealing with Eleuthera...  It’s a very complex situation that we’re dealing with. Aviation, as I often say, is that if you look at how fast the plane is to take off on the runway, the industry moves equally as fast and in some instances even faster than that so we try to make prudent decisions primarily based on the safety in the first instance and then the business in the second. “We have to exercise a bit of faith in government even though sometimes communication isn’t clear and we have to work out the kinks, but we would rather err on the side of safety and caution.”

The government announced late last week that starting April 1 anyone over the age of 10 years travelling from Harbour Island and Eleuthera must undergo a RT-PCR COVID-19 test in order to obtain a travel health visa.

This new testing requirement will “certainly have an impact” on flights to and from North Eleuthera, said Mr Hamilton.

Southern Air used to fly three times a day in and out of North Eleuthera.

But, as a result of these COVID-19 restrictions, the airline has cut flights down to twice a day as well as cut the number of days in the week from seven to five, cutting out Tuesday and Thursday from the flight schedule.


carltonr61 1 week, 4 days ago

Our Authoritarian sole tyrant and his hitlerick sidekick female henchwoman are ruthlessly squeezing all the pain they could out of our souls, body, mind and economy. Hopeless, we are made to lose faith in God and place it in the hands state faith along with our last dollar to get some tech firm filthy rich. She the elite makes money by killing our economy 250,000 Bahamians becoming impoverished 189 questionable deaths during annual flu season.


FreeUs242 1 week, 4 days ago

Both Party failed us miserably, makes the public question who to trust. No one wants to trust a corrupt Government.


FreeUs242 1 week, 4 days ago

It looks like some of those PCR tests might be coming in fake only to jail ppl.


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