Alarm Over Rise In Attacks On Police


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ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police Ashton Greenslade has expressed concern about the recent increase in assaults on police officers on Grand Bahama, particularly during routine traffic stops.

He stressed that the police take such matters seriously and warned that violators will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

“I want to address members of the public who seek to break the law; I warn you that my officers will not be complacent in the execution of their duties. Please be mindful that these officers are efficiently trained and will use necessary force to enforce the law,” he said.

The senior officer reported that there have been four incidents to date where police officers were assaulted by members of the public. He noted that two of the incidents involved traffic matters and one involved a shooting.

“It has been brought to my attention that there has been a recent increase in matters involving members of the public assaulting police officers while officers are attempting to execute their duties,” he said at a press conference.

“Notwithstanding such attempts, I am pleased to report that all the individuals responsible for these offences in the four mentioned matters were arrested and placed before the courts.”

He said one incident involved a “routine traffic stop” which resulted in the officer sustaining injuries.

“I implore members of the public to not allow such trivial matters, such a traffic citation, to spiral into serious criminal matters. When cited, simply pay the fine or attend court to attest the citation,” he said.

Asked about body cams for police officers in Grand Bahama, ACP Greenslade told The Tribune that he could not give an exact date when they will arrive, but said, “it is coming to Grand Bahama eventually.”

“The body camera would assist so the world can see what is actually happening. But, I can tell you from where I sit we have persons who are combative and resist the police,” he said.

He also indicated that if police officers are abusive to the public, persons can lodge a complaint to the Police Complaints and Corruption Branch.


WETHEPEOPLE 1 year ago

How about you tell the police stop scratching the rash. Sometimes if you just leave it alone, it works itself out.


ThisIsOurs 1 year ago

can we hear some regret about the number of citizens assaulted during routine traffuc stops?


GodSpeed 1 year ago

Looks like American ghetto culture of resisting arrest while being confrontational and aggressive with police is seeping into the Bahamas. Must be all the social media they consume. BLM and MSNBC will not be here to fight for you when the police put you idiots down, just so ya know.


WETHEPEOPLE 1 year ago

Well lets just hope they dont put you down first


John 1 year ago

Not to condone the attacks on police officers but they are usually the aggressors in these type confrontations. And officers must be trained and re-trained when dealing with the public. These are not ordinary times. When an officer tries to issue a $500 ticket for someone who instinctively picks up his cell phone when it rings he will have an angry experience. With someone who just don’t know how he is going to find $500. And police are overly aggressive when it comes to young male drivers. It is time for the force to end personal body searches in public . Frisk yes but the full body search? A tool used in America to intimidate Black people.


Proguing 1 year ago

I have been stopped by police and always remained respectful and polite. And guess what, never had any issues.


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