Immigration Denies Officer Raped Woman In Detention


Tribune Chief Reporter


THE Department of Immigration has asserted that there is “no substance” to an allegation of inappropriate conduct by a male officer against a female migrant who was detained at the department’s safe house.

In a press statement last night, the department said an investigation by its Corruption, Complaints and Intelligence Unit along with the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s Sexual Offenses Unit was concluded in the absence of the woman submitting a complaint.

The statement noted that the woman denied there was any inappropriate conduct toward her.

The woman has demanded her immediate repatriation, officials said.

However, they did not state when she would be released to return home.

“The Department of Immigration wishes to advise that it has investigated an allegation of inappropriate conduct of a male immigration officer toward a female migrant, which conduct is alleged to have occurred at a Department Safe House,” the statement said.

“The investigation, headed by the newly appointed assistant director of immigration with responsibility for corruption, complaints and intelligence assisted by officers of the Sexual Offences Unit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force have determined that there is no substance to the allegation.

“To be certain, the female migrant, the subject of the alleged inappropriate conduct, has made no complaint of, and denies the occurrence of, any inappropriate conduct. Further, the female insists on her immediate repatriation.

“The matter is closed. There shall be no further comment from the department.”

On Wednesday, The Tribune reported that a high-ranking government official confirmed there was an investigation underway into an allegation that a Surinamese woman had been allegedly raped by an officer stationed at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre.

The source confirmed that while the woman was to be deported this week, officials decided against it to ensure the matter was fully and properly investigated.

The next day, a sister of the woman said that she admitted in a telephone conversation of being victim of an alleged rape.

Based on that conversation, the sister, speaking on behalf of other relatives outside the country, said they were concerned about her welfare and demanded answers as to why she had been detained for several months following what was thought to be the end of a prison sentence over an immigration infraction.

The sister told this newspaper the woman from Paramaribo, Suriname had completed that term last August and it was their contention that her detainment was unlawful.

Numerous inquiries on the matter were made to officials, but they were ignored.

Yesterday, Human Rights Bahamas said attorneys who worked along with the organisation were preparing to submit an application to the court for the woman’s release.

HRB also revealed plans to report the incident to international human rights groups.

“We further call upon the authorities to justify their continued detention of the victim, as relatives allege, she has been held without legal justification for several months. If the government cannot show lawful cause for holding this individual, they must release her immediately,” HRB said in a statement to The Tribune.

“Attorneys that work with HRB are now representing the victim and are preparing to go before the courts to secure her release from custody. They intend to bring an application to that effect shortly.

“In the meantime, the authorities are warned not to seek to further harm, abuse or intimidate this victim. Any such attempt will be exposed, both nationally and internationally, and swift and severe action will be taken through the courts.”

It continued: “This is a very serious matter and the government does not have the option of simply burying their collective heads in the sand. We remind them that the conditions at the Detention Centre and the treatment of inmates are already the subject of international scrutiny and Precautionary Measures issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

“In due course, HRB will report this matter to the IACHR, as well as to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and our other international partners.”

This is not the first allegation of rape involving officers of the Department of Immigration or Detention Centre.

In 2013, a Florida watchdog group alleged that a 24-year-old Cuban woman was raped and impregnated while at the holding facility. However local officials said at the time that the woman, who had been deported to Cuba, never made a formal complaint.

The next year a Jamaican woman, 28, claimed she had been sexually assaulted when she was released into the custody of an immigration officer on December 15, 2014.

A criminal trial into the matter was tossed out of court by a judge after the magistrate determined that the alleged victim’s testimony was not credible.

However the woman has since filed a civil suit against the government seeking at least $1m in damages. That case has not yet concluded.


FreeUs242 5 months, 1 week ago

Why y'all holding ppl against there will for so long. Couldn't they just send her home within a month or two instead of making them hostages for years. I am not stupid, alot of stuff goes on about abuse in the detention center for years. Maybe they are telling the truth of being imprisoned and forced to obey to whatever is demanded because of fear of not having someone to represent them being miles away from home.


ThisIsOurs 5 months, 1 week ago

The matter is closed. There shall be no further comment from the department.”

Seems like a very odd terse statement. I suppose we'll know how she really felt after she gets back to her home country and starts talking to The Human Rights representative. Just like the 6 Cubans they abused, allegedly.


TimesUp 5 months, 1 week ago

In other news

The dog denies he eat the shoe.

The child denies they drew on the wall.

The cat denies killing the mouse.

These matters are now closed and there shall be no further comment.


FreeUs242 5 months, 1 week ago

Sir, we can comment as we like, that's what the comment section is for and open 24hr/7 days.🙂


Giordano 5 months, 1 week ago

This is horrible and abominable. A high percentage of people in The Bahamas don't want to believe that this is happening in the land of so many Churches. We have a bunch of "Gorila" posting as Immigration Officers , RBPF & RBDF Officers as well as displaying barbarians act with full impunity making the degrading department of justice which should be an effective independent power like the others two power, in complicity with the wrong doing for such long stationary time everybody should cry out loudly against that. This is a long time change of abuse in The Bahamas. The way, crime is approached in this country, is profusely wrong, beefing up a culture of barbarians in The Bahamas : A) no propensity of anybody to stop the wrongdoing. B) Failure of addressing "Minors Complaints" by law enforcement officers just like "Independent Public Prosecution's" failures to carry on its duties responsibly without any lack of vission, fear mission and determination to make this current society more descent. C) The sequence of misshaps are endless.


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